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Jun 11, 2020
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Hello! I'm new to VNM so forgive me if this is a easy fix but I'm creating a VN with multiple routes and am having trouble getting the scene change command to work.

It works as it should in the first route with the scene changing seamlessly but in the second route (or chapter), it either causes the game to freeze or just won't do anything.

For the first scene change, I had to use a 'scene call' just to get the route to progress as a scene change command caused the game to freeze. In the second instance of a scene change, it involves choices being offered to the player. When either of the options is clicked, the game switches to a screen with the background and the textbox but no dialogue. I can pull up the log, the load and save screen, as well as go back to the title screen but it will not recognize anything beyond just the background and textbox, and will not proceed past that scene.

Here is the commands in the previous scene, the one changing from:

And here is the commands for the scene I'm trying to change to:


So far, I have tried deleting the scenes and re-entering them. I have tried deleting the scene change commands, as well as the choices then re-entering them. I have shut VNM entirely and restarted it as well.

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you in advance!

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