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Apr 22, 2013
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After having to improvise I came up with a nice way to mimic permanent states. I divided up the tut in three parts. Pics go first, explanations below them and then some warnings/what this would be best used for.





Alright, for this trick you will need just two pages in your troop windows. This is because you might have to do two checks. One is for the start of the battle, the other is for the duration of the battle.

See the first and second pic now:

Be sure to put everything in conditional branches and set the turn no. to 0. This way it is the first thing that activates once a battle starts. Note that the Span for this check is on battle. This will only occur once, during the start of the battle.

Now about the third pic:

Everything looks exactly the same with the exception of the Span and condition. It's super quick and easy to do the other page after finishing one, just copy and paste then change the conditions.

Note that this one is on the end of the turn. This is in case you are using a skill or event to summon a specific character/special weapon/transformation or whatever. You have to do it like this. This way, after everything is done, on the next turn when things start the event will have added the necessary state change. Oh and the Span must be on turn! It cannot be battle or moment. Battle only checks for once and moment just...freezes everything.

Turn will check the conditional branch once per turn then activate. So every single turn that the condition is met, it will activate but only once during that turn.


This trick is for PERMANENT STATES.

There is no way at all to remove any special states if you go this method. No cures, no sabotaging a state, etc. Unless you use a skill to remove the character or item that is supposed to have the state, there is no way to remove it so long as the conditions are being met. This is because of the third pic/third page. It checks once per turn and will continue to reapply the state at the end of the turns.

So there you go. Hope this is useful for you and you enjoy messing with it.

Script free!

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