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Discussion in 'RGSSx Script Support' started by Seijiro Mafuné, Aug 22, 2014.

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    Hi there. I'm having some problems managing all the scripts that were added to the game I'm working on; none of these have broken the game, but they're issues that are causing me some headaches. I don't know how they're doing it because I haven't added any scripts at all; when I got the job, the scripts were already there.

    Here's all the scripts we're using, under their 'folder' names:


    -Yanfly Engine Ace [Ace Core Engine v1.09]

    -Ace Party add-on [Party System v1.08]

    -Ace Battle System [battle Engine v1.22]

    -No Limit [Adjust Limits v1.00]

    -Ace Message System [v1.04]

    -enemy HP [DaimoniousTailsGames' HP bars]

    -MOG - Boss HP Meter (V1.2)

    -MOG - Transition EX (V1.2)

    -MOG - Battleback EX (v1.3)

    -MOG - Scene Character Select V1.2

    -MOG - Animated Cursor (V1.2)

    -MOG - Scene File A (V1.3)

    -MOG - Simple Diagonal Movement (v1.2]

    -MOG - Touhou Map Name (v1.4)

    -MOG - Anti Animation Lag (v1.0)

    -MOG - Animation + (V1.2)

    -MOG - Aura Effect (1.1)

    -MOG - Kekkai (Bounded Field) (v1.2)

    -MOG - Battle Cursor (1.0)

    -MOG - Battle Result (1.4)

    -anti crash [Graphical Object Global Reference v1.21]

    Problems so far: the Battle Cursor often points at the wrong opponent in battle, once there are multiple, non-aligned monsters. I can understand this being a hitbox issue, but...

    Battle Symphony:

    -Yami's Battle Symphony (V1.14)


    -Enemy Character Set

    -Holder Battlers

    -8D/Kaduki Battlers

    -Skill Effect Tags

    Do not copy:

    -TDS Battleback Stretch [Ver: 1.0]

    The other major problem I have comes from the Battle Symphony currently being in the 'facing up, standing at the bottom of the screen' mode. The characters are not being attacked head-on, they're being attacked from their right, and this is not what is supposed to happen.

    So there you have it: this whole mess I'm supposed to disentangle. I think some of these scripts are superfluous and were added just because they were 'cool' and without any thought given to their input... but I 'unno. Anyone can give me some advice?

    [Other than the Battle Symphony script having different batle positions, none of the other scripts were altered.]
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    For the Yanfly scripts, Yanfly suggests putting them in the order listed on his website. Here is the link:

    I have no idea on the others as I don't any scripts but Yanfly and ones I write myself, but maybe this will help you organize the first few? I do know Yanfly's battle system overwrites some methods, so maybe look through that and see what methods are overwritten, write those down, and then see if those come up again (ctr+shift+f will let you do a quick search to see where else those commands are used). You could then do this with the others and see if maybe you got conflicting scripts somewhere?
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    Why are there all three battler-addons for Symphony listed? They do exactly the same, but with entirely different sprite structures, and usually only one of them is used - you usually don't mix Holder's sprites with 8D-Sprites.
    I think you need to ask the person who gave you that project for the reasons why some of those scripts were put in.

    I don't know most of them, but especially with the sprite add-ons it'll be easier if you check which sprites are supposed to be used and then remove those add-ons that you don't need.
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    Two more things I'd like to add:

    1. The newest version of Yami's Battle Symphony is v1.16c(or newer maybe):

    2. You can try to put all the symphony scripts above the Moghunter ones and see if this fixes anything. Technically speaking, Yami's Battle Symphony rewrites quite a lot of methods, so putting it below Moghunter's scripts may screw up some of them.
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