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Discussion in 'Project Recruitment' started by Andar, May 13, 2018.

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    I just started writing a new tutorial on how to implement a decent battle AI in both Ace and MV (focus on without scripts/plugins).
    And there are a few details that I would like to check within the engine code, but don't even know where to start searching for the relevant code.

    I'll need a scripter for Ace and a plugin writer for MV (could be the same person or two different ones) who searches the two engines to check where a few specific parts are implemented and then give me the relevant code section for me to check.
    So it should be quick work, nothing too complex

    Three examples for the questions I need you to answer by checking or posting the code:
    State duration is counted down at the end of the turn, which is why states need a duration of 2 to last into next turn.
    A troop event can be set to be executed "end of turn" - but is that end of turn before or after the state duration is reduced?
    Because if it is after it changes the duration of states added during that event.
    The exact formula where actor agility, skill speed and a random value are added to create the action order, so that can be planned into an AI.
    The code section where the attack ratings are converted into probabilities. The examples in the help file make it obvious that it uses weight calculations, but I would like to know the exact code to be able to calculate the probabilites myself as part of the tutorial.

    There are a few more things like that, and even more might come up while I'll continue to write that tutorial, and I would like someone ready to receive PM's where I ask for those details.

    I hope to complete the tutorial within a few weeks (AI programming is never easy and will take time to describe), and the only thing you'll get is a mentioning and credit in the tutorial when I post it here and on my own website.

    So if someone has some free time to react to such questions in the next weeks I'll like an answer.
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