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Aug 14, 2012
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Scripting/Programming is something I've got limited experience with. Over the past 6 hours (or so) I have been peering over Khas' "Awesome Light Effects" script for RPGM Ace. I have spent this time troubleshooting an issue where the map doesn't do anything at all upon loading the map.

To start, I tried to implement the script into my custom map. To try and "simplify" the process, I attempted to duplicate the setup used in the demo into a custom map that I have made. Upon doing this, and entering into the map that the script is placed in, the map loads, and nothing happens in the event script. Nothing! The event script starts with;

@>Script: s = $game_Map.effect_surface

: : s.change_color(120,0,0,0,200)

@>Erase Event

Following this, is the event script that I have written for my custom map;

1. Load the demo of the script from the zip into the editor.

2. Re-create the event script from my map, into the starting map of the demo.

3. Save and launch.

This worked just fine!

Next I did the following;

1. Loaded my custom map (with events) into the project the lighting demo exists in.

2. Transferred everything over to my map in the project, duplicating the sample map EXACTLY.

3. Save and launch.

Again, the map loads, and nothing happens. No controls, no events are running.

So I repeated these steps, after removing the events from my custom map. All of them!

This time, the map loaded, but it didn't darken.

So I decided to just try something from scratch. Absolute scratch;

1. Loaded the demo project.

2. Loaded the sample map "Regular Town."

3. Created an event including the script mentioned in the quote above. Duplicating it EXACTLY as in the sample map.

4. Created a light source, duplicating exactly what the sample map had.

5. Created a starting point for the player.

6. Save and launch.

This time everything worked PERFECTLY.

So the only thing I can think of is that there is something in my custom map, that is missing from the sample map "Regular Town" that I simply can't see, since I am duplicating all events and event actors (lights) perfectly from the sample map provided for the lighting script.

I am stumped. If you guys can help me that owuld be awesome. If you need more info please just let me know.
Aug 12, 2012
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]So I decided to just try something from scratch. Absolute scratch;
Well you may have just been loading your game from a previous save point before the script was installed.

Try starting a new game in your project and see if it magically starts working :)

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