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Should VNM have a scrolling text feature?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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    (Not sure if this in the wrong forum, breaking the rules, or already in the program.)

    Scrolling Text Feature in Visual Novel Maker

    • Allows you to add scrolling text for things like cutscenes, introductions, and credits
    • Helpful if you have multiple people who worked on the project
    Why is this feature good?

    The reason I am saying this is, well, @/Viaviolets, @/Meeksfox, a few others and I are all working on a "bisexual" dating simulator project. Not only that, but we have resources from other royalty free sites and we would really like to credit everyone that're going to help put this thing together.

    Plus, it would be good for others who have multiple people who worked on their project, like me. Or even for lengthy introductions without the """hassle""" of using the textbox.

    Issues that may arise

    Some complications that may emerge from a scrolling text feature is, of course, the inevitable bugs and glitches. It may make projects run significantly slower or even force them to crash. (I'm not too good with coming up w/ reasons that features may not work, whoops)


    If this feature is pre-existing, just lemme know and I'll report this post so the mods can take it down and such. Thanks in advance! <3
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    You can use the Show Text command, make it appear off screen and make it move up slowly.
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