Mar 13, 2012
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This is just a quality of life change.
When you seal a skill-type in game it doesn't actually change anything visually within the Actor Command list or Skill Type Window.

For example, I've changed the "Death" State to add a Skill type "Reincarnate" while sealing everything else.
As far as the default settings are concerned this just means, I can't use "heal" magic from the menu.
But I had the thought that this Reincarnation "Skill" could be overlooked if the actor had multiple Skill Types pushing it down the list. Ideally, in this case, I'd prefer to hide the sealed Skill Types.

But while I was changing this I was thinking of the alternatives. I feel like, when a Skill Type is Sealed, it should also be disable by default. You know, better communicate that the skill type is seal and not just a skill.
Now "disabled" means the opacity is changed. But also, in the Menu it also means you can't select it to navigate/scroll through the skill list and read descriptions.

It's easy enough to change the name of Skill Type too, Like "Magic" or "Special -LOCKED-"

Other ideas include placing a lock or chained graphics over the item list window.
Or have the cursor turn red. Or read "SEALED" if the player tried to select it.
What are everyone else's thoughts?

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