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Jan 21, 2013
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I have no idea what else to call this plugin, so I hope that makes sense. This plugin will allow the user to search an area for specific values, i.e. events IDs, tile IDs, region IDs and terrain tags. Upon finding one of these values, a common event will be triggered. The "radar" will cover a square area around the specified X and Y coordinates. The image above shows different sizes of the radar field, according to what number you choose for the radius parameter.

This is my first plugin, so I apologize if it's buggy or lacking. Please, let me know if (when) you have an issue. I'll do my best to fix it. I'm already embarrassed to have anyone look at the actual code. I know it's a mess. I definitely didn't jump in with a full plan, and I ended up learning and adding as I went, so it's pretty chaotic. I will say, however, I had a ton of fun slapping this together(when I wasn't sobbing because it wouldn't work), and I thought I'd share in case anyone could use it.

Ideas for how to use:
I created it so I could spawn an event near my main character without it ending up in a wall or on top of another event. I think it could also be used as maybe a search ability, where the character can observe their surroundings and find items they might not have seen otherwise. Or whatever anyone else can come up with!

You can get it here


Choose what point you want the radar to spawn from, It could be the player,
an event, or just a location on the map. You need to store the location's X
position to a variable, and it's Y to a second variable. Once these
variables have been set, assign their number's to their corresponding

The template for the plugins is:

SearchType ID mapX mapY radius

The only command that differs is for searching for a Tile ID, since it
requires layer info:

SearchType ID mapX mapY layer radius

You can use only the SearchType to perform a search with the preset parameters.
If you want to use some parameters, but not all, you can drop them off the end,
but you can't skip one and enter the next without placing an 'x' in place of
the parameter you're skipping. This is to keep the wrong parameters from being
plugged into the wrong spots.

i.e. GOOD => SearchType ID
GOOD => SearchType x x x radius
BAD => SearchType mapX mapY

---------------------------------TARGET EVENT---------------------------------

eventIDMatch [ID] [mapX] [mapY] [radius]

example: eventIDMatch 13 21 10 2

This will tell the plugin to search for event ID 13 on map coordinates
X21, Y10, within a radius of 2 grid spaces.

eventIDGreater [ID] [mapX] [mapY] [radius]

example: eventIDGreater

This will tell the plugin to search for an event with an ID greater than
the preset value, it will also use the preset values for X, Y, and radius.

eventIDLess [ID] [mapX] [mapY] [radius]

example: eventIDLess 10 42 5

This will tell the plugin to search for an event with an ID less than
10, on X42, Y5, using the preset value for radius.

-------------------------------TARGET TERRAIN--------------------------------

terrainTag [ID] [mapX] [mapY] [radius]

example: terrainID 1 x x 3

This will tell the plugin to search for a terrain ID that matches 1,
it will use the preset X and Y values, within a radius of 3 grid spaces.

---------------------------------TARGET TILE---------------------------------

tileID [ID] [mapX] [mapY] [tileLayer] [radius]

example: tileID 1 x x 0

This tells the plugin to search for a tile with an ID matching 1, it
uses the preset X and Y values, on layer 0, and uses the preset radius size.

--------------------------------TARGET REGION--------------------------------

RegionID [ID] [mapX] [mapY] [tileLayer] [radius]

example: regionID x x x 5

This tells the plugin to search for a region with an ID matching the preset
value. It's also using the preset X and Y values, but the radius of the radar will be 5.

Free to use in commercial and non-commercial games.
Please, credit as RainbowGrenade or Angela Drake​
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May 22, 2018
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Its a very interesting plugin! I will give it a try!

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