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Jul 15, 2019
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I'm searching stuff for my project. Here is the synopsis, and next the open positions. For info or applications comment or send me a private message.

We willl work with RPG Maker MV

Hikari Junko is a common high school student, careless and with no talent, with a unique great passion for a shonen manga really popular among her peers. A night she dreams to meet the villain of that manga shortly before the final battle . When she wake up, sits on her bed, she will find the same character, unaware of the events that bring him in that new world. Coming around between two worlds, the two of them will have to find out the origin of the phenomenon that made them meet and at the same time to prevent an unfair destiny to come true.
There is nothing already decided about mechanics and gameplay, and i would be happy to discuss this two points with my team before taking definitive decisions. I want to create a sociable and efficient group, that can also pass good times and not only work. The plot is already basic, but the begin and the end is already decided. For the combat system i was inclined for a no turn based one (actually i don't know how to call it). Actually my intention, if the first title has success, is to create a saga. The game is set in a common japanese city or in a medieval fantasy world, depending on the time of the gameplay. I'm also thinking to insert a rival for the protagonist (that is in pairs with the protagonist of the manga) and to dedicate a good portion of the plot for show differences and contraditions between the four characters. I want to create a work enviroment based on equality and respect, where everyone could work at their best and can be helped when is needed. I ask as requirement just commitment and costancy (with some flexibility in case of need). Of corse there will NEVER be discrimination of any type for the members of the team and it will be my priority to make sure that this will be valid also for other team members. This will be a commercial game, so it will not be published until it will be perfect.

Open positions:
1/2 map maker

I will work on storyboard and supervise the project, but i'm inclined to help in any situation.

You can contact me in comments and private message.
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