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Mar 12, 2020
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There was a script I got for the RPGMAKER VX ACE which allows one to attach overlays to equipment. So by equipping plate armor, the plate armor would then appear/be worn by the character who donned it. Additionally, if I could get empty suits of armor sprites, I could also have haunted armor be a potential battler. The issue is that I'm not good with image editing, nor am I good with pixel art. So I wanted to see if there were already sets of armor sprites out there that I could use, if there was an easy way to do so without additional sprites, or if someone could make the type of armors I was looking for originally.

The format is VX Ace. For simplicity's sake I'd prefer the art style be similar to the game's built in textures.

The type of armors that I'd be needing are:
  • Cloth (robes, capes & cloaks, hats & hoods, etc.)
  • Leather (fighter styled armor & thief styled armor if possible)
  • Chainmail (ring & scaled)
  • Banded/Scaled armor
  • Plate Mail Armor
  • Full Plate Armor
  • Shields (buckler, kite, tower)
  • Helmets (leather, open, closed).
I'm not needing these anytime soon as I'm still working out the foundations of my game, but I did want to find a solution sooner rather than later.

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