Nov 12, 2020
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Synopsis: Two friends decide to journey to a dangerous cave to find out the truth of a legend.
Along the way they'll have to survive and see their choices out either to make something of themselves
or nothing at all.

The game is story-driven, so is concerned mainly with telling a story from beginning to end. Its gameplay
features are traditional JRPG fashion: random encounters, boss battles, equipping weapons and armour, exploring to find items and pieces of information. You'll have to traverse the many maps of the cave as you go through the story. Oh, and there's one small puzzle in it. The game is meant to be short since this was my first experiment in making a game and I have no knowledge whatsoever of programing (really just telling stories). It will focus mainly on the journey through the cave and begins in medias res so every other aspect of the story is told in flashbacks. The music was also made by my meager self on guitar, so I hope it's not too bad or strenuous to hear.

You'll be linearly following the story as you can also level up and gain new skills and spells, although you'll always be confined to the cave and the on-rails story.

It's focused on the two main characters as they go through the cave and what happens to them in it. It will not only focus on their particular journey through the cave, but also on what lead them to it. You'll get a sense (I hope) of why they're doing what they're doing and what their feelings are regarding their lives. I tried to do only the essential in telling this story, since I wanted it to be short so as to get the game out quickly and get some much needed feedback (and I've been trying to do this on my own lol) Always been a fan of Final Fantasy (as a lot of people, of course), so generally that was in the back of my mind in terms of basing the kind of story this was gong to be, although it has a more realistic or mature approach to the characters.

Thanks so much, and I hope to get some much appreaciated feedback from you!




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