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    But don't worry! I'm working on another horror game! (Please don't ask for the game project, I would give it to you if I still had it ^^" ) 


    I'm an indie developer who has been working with rpg maker for about 3 years now, and I've finally decided to release my first full game. (Hopefully)

    Since one of my favourite game genres has always been Horror, and since rpg maker has a lot of potential for horror games, I've decided to try and develop a survival/stealth horror game based around the SCP facility wich you'll probably know about

    If you dont know about it click the spoiler below

    The SCP (Secure Contain Protect) is a fan-wiki based around an imaginary foundation specialized in capturing, containing, and testing on unusual/anomalous entities, To see more click here.

    About the game: (WARNING: Everything might change since this is early stage concept!)

    The game will take place during (as many of you imagined) a containment breach, but, you'll be one of the members of the Mobile Task Forces sent to clear up the site, as you wonder trough the decayed remainings of what once was a containment site, you encounted things you wouldn't want to see even in your worst nightmares.


    Now I'm on reeeeally early stages of development, but there is a playable demo. It won't be anything, can't even be considered a game yet. 

    Why are all players/entities just blank white mens? Because I don't have any resources yet, this is just an early development beta.

    What you can find in the demo: SCP-173, SCP-049, SCP-913, Working blinking system, Working stamina system, Working paper notes, Working medikits, a lil' secret(???).

    How you can help this project: For now there's few things you can help me on, but that doesen't mean you can't help me! You can show your feedback on this thread, help me find new ideas, hell even helping me choose a name for the game :)

    Known bugs: Going from one room to another while in the middle of the blink will make the screen go black | if you put any other item in SCP-914 it will see it as the medikit anyway |


    (Be quick when entering the game because you will be faced with SCP-173 at the spawn room)

    Wanna join me in the development of this game? Click below!

    What I'm looking for:

    • A sprite-artist for the various entities
    • A javascript coder
    • Voice actors
    • Artwork for the game is always accepted!
    • Anything else that might be helpfull for this project :)







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