TRADE Seeking an artist capable of a light watercolor style for interior art


Jan 8, 2020
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Hello friends! I'm just not much of an artist myself, so I was hoping I could find someone here to team up with me. I'd appreciate it if you could read on about my little game, and maybe even give the mini-demo a shot.

Engine: RPG Maker MV

The game's story is fairly simple. A completely normal and not at all weird child who just so happens to live alone in some friendly dark magic woods is having a birthday, and she wants to invite her friends. But oh no, a monster has stolen her party invites before they could be delivered! Now she must go on an adventure to track down the monster and get her invites back- and maybe try to figure out where these monsters came from.

In this game, she tracks the monster down to an extremely haunted (but still quite warm and friendly visually) mansion at the edge of the woods. The mansion rooms connect differently depending on how they're feeling that day, and with the monster infestation they are in a terrible mood. The main character finds some hint notes written by a friend on how to navigate this mess, but her friend's idea of "helpful" ends up being more like a series of puzzles that must be solved.

I intend this game to be the first of a series. Each game will be designed to be playable in any order, with the ability to transfer your save from one to the next. I expect about ten little games in total in this series (eventually. I fully expect the full series to take a long, looong time.) That being said, I'm not asking anyone here to commit to ten games. Each game will take place in a different area with a slightly different graphical style, so this request is just for ONE single little game.

The main appeal of this game will be the ability to gather a large cast of characters over the course of the games, and for the outcome of all events/conversations to depend on who's in your party. The hope is that having lots of special interactions and little secrets to discover will make the game feel larger and unique to you as a player. The party leader will have unique dialogue/info for very nearly every single item, check spot, and story event in the entire game. At the end of the game the characters will have a conversation with the other members of their party, with the dialogue being different depending on the party combination.

If this sounds like a lot of work, yes it is. Don't worry, I'm pretty darn stubborn and I absolutely know the ridiculous scope of dialogue I'm getting in to here. I'm fully committed to it. Don't worry too much about it, you won't have to mess with any of that at all. I'm just looking for an artist.

Demo: If you want to play a little proof of concept, I consider this a sort of demo for the game's basic ideas: Demo (WIN final).zip?dl=0
This isn't a one to one version of the game I'm working on now, just a proof of concept/learning project.
(Note: I was still learning some systems while making this, so there are a few minor bugs and typos. The most notable bug is that collision doesn't always work correctly due to an issue with RPG Maker's mapping system. I have tracked down the source of this bug and know how to avoid/fix it in the future, but going back and fixing it in this demo was more trouble than it was worth.)

What I need: I'm looking for an artist who can draw the rooms in this mansion. The art will involve both parallax mapping (no tech knowledge needed on your part, I just need the image) as well as some common objects (like beds or shelves) that can be re-used as needed. Common objects can either be tileset objects, or they can be simple images that I can edit into rooms as needed. How much of it needs to be parallax and how much could be tilesets depends mainly on what you're more comfortable with, and what you can fit into tiles without having it look like repeating tiles.

The style I'm hoping for is a light, dreamy watercolor, fading in some places. Pixel art is too jagged to achieve this look.

All the needed rooms are already fully planned out and have a basic rough lines shape, I just need proper art on these skeletons.

My role: I am doing everything else. The only thing I'm struggling with is the art, I just don't have enough skill with interiors.

Skill Trade: If you're interested in a trade, I'll give whatever I have to offer. I vastly enjoy writing, and would happily lend my writing to anything you needed it on. Characters, main stories, side stories, flavor text, background NPC filler dialogue, anything at all.

I could also offer playtesting, or even eventing help. I'm not an expert at eventing, but I have enough basic skill that if you have some big busywork task that's simple yet time-consuming I'd be happy to give it a go.

Lastly, I could offer some character art if you're desperate for it. I'm not very good at it, with my skills mainly being in creatures or children, but if you want an example of my work here it is:

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