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May 15, 2016
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So, this game was supposed to be done, but it had a lot of problems, so I've revamped it. Now I need playtesters to play through it and tell me if it's actually decent this time. You'll have to DM me to receive the actual project as this is a commercial project and I don't want the entire forum downloading it for free.

Heidi is a board game RPG that relies on your skill combined with the luck of the dice. It is lightly adapted from the children’s novel with the same name.

You play as a small girl who lives in a cabin on the side of a mountain with her grandfather. She must climb the mountain to visit her parents at the top, fighting various creatures who inhabit the mountain, and helping her friend Peter along the way.

The game features a Semi-Active ATB (Active-Time Battle) system with a turn indicator.

Everything in this world is completely reliant on the mystical power of the dice. You must meet with traveling merchants, fight battles, and craft to get the dice needed to move along the mountain or use your skills. There are no magic points in the game, only the amount of the specified dice, so craft away!

With a charming, yet simple story based on a children’s novel, Heidi’s whimsical world is brought to life by a completely custom map, with Heidi herself reimagined by TheKeeper! The dice sprites belong to Kicked_In_Teeth, and the rest was made by yours truly.

The game also features a tailor-made soundtrack with three original songs that enhance the experience.

This game was initially a team effort, and would not have existed without my former team, Sleepless Alien Productions.

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