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Discussion in 'Art, Literature, and Music' started by crowhound, May 21, 2016.

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    Well art is a very new area to me. Saying this I have decided to make a thread to keep track of my progress. 

    I will be mainly attempting logo and stylized text art. The reason being I need to make a title screen for a game I am working on.

    So here is my first try a a stylized text also my first attempt at any art whatsoever. Took me about 20 minutes to make it.

    If anyone is willing to comment on anything you see please do. I want as much feedback as possible, but please keep in mind this is really my first attempt at art.

    Attempt one Splash text.png

    There is also a attempt at my first star system. I wanted to try to make everything from scratch so no images were brought in.


    Star System.png

    Adding in a small gear. The gear is simple, but I plan on using it top test an animated title screen.  View attachment 38684
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    I like the stars, anything space feels serene to me. On first glance the words look like "snattered" though.
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