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Apr 14, 2018
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Hey guys,

So I have two requests.

These two plug-ins are not compatible with each other, but I really want to use them.

Plug in: Yanfly's Party System
Purpose: 5 actors in party

Plug in: Nina's Battle Formations
Purpose: Preset formations and actor positioning. Each position having its own buffs.

Problem: Nina's formation's plug in is EXACTLY what I want, as I don't want the player to change actor rows, instead I want entire formations preset, and the player can only set actor positions within that formation. However-- doesn't work for more than 4 people party.

Is there a way someone can help me achieve this? I would like this feature to replace the Formation scene in the menu, and not use the Row function either.
If there's another plug-in you know of, I'm open to hear about it too.

Looks like Yanfly's Action Sequence Packages don't allow you to TINT the battle screen without actors and enemies as well. I want special skills to darken the screen and for me to be able to choose to NOT darken, such as the performer and the target. I am aware the Victor Engine Battle Motions plug in can do this, but that causes a big bunch of compatibility problems with other Yanfly plug ins..

Anyone able to modify Yanfly's Action Sequence Pack 2 to have this nifty tint feature?

If any of my requests are not appropriate, please let me know, I am still new to this forum :o

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