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    Hello dear reader!

    Welcome to this thread, in which I, Shabz, share with you my free, self made music collection as well as my fine knowledge of the english language. In case you are familiar with the german language, however, I strongly recommend you to read my original post – it's way nicer formatted, includes a lengthy introduction about myself (programs I use, sexual orientation etc.) that I am way to lazy to translate and has much more stupid puns.
    My style[citation needed] will most certainly not please everyone, but once in a while, some tunes might come in handy.

    I hope you enjoy this collection and leave some feedback!


    Viel Spaß wünscht der edle Herr. [​IMG]



    This is where that lengthy introduction will be once it is translated (if ever).

    As long as that hasn't happened, I'll just put the money quotes here:



    I most likely have no really distinct one. As any music creator, I sure do have my influences and inspirations (as well as something profane as a musical taste), but I never felt like you could nail me to a particular style – would try pretty much anything, I guess.
    However, I'm most fond of chiptune sounds throughout the whole 8- and 16-bit era – including the NES, SNES, SEGA MegaDrive (Genesis, if you prefer), various arcade machines and Commodore home computers, just to name a few – as well as tracked music in general. I also tend to have some struggles with longer pieces; pretty much none of my tunes is longer than two minutes.



    All files (except some MEs and MIDIs) are hosted as 320kbps VBR (q9 on most encoders) Ogg Vorbis.
    Pretty much all tracks loop seamlessly; yet, due to the nature of a seamless loop, a few tracks have a reverb or delay remainder wrapped back to the beginning and might need to be faded in manually.



    Do I take requests? Mostly!

    If it is just for a non-commercial single track (!), I am good to go. Send me a PM, tell me what you want and what for you need that. In most cases, if it is nothing too spectacular, I might do it; however, I like the idea of a swap deal – do have my own projects and do need some script or pixel stuff once in a while – so if you can offer me some little good in return, that would be pretty neat; but that is more of a moral hint then a real criteria for requests that I'd do.
    So yeah, I am open for such things and would surely like to hear from you.

    For commercial and/or bigger needs, however, I also have a commission thread over here.



    Since the built-in mp3 player doesn't seem to like me, I just dropped the preview files. Now, the link to the file is the preview as well. If you are using a good browser (e.g. anything but IE) it should be able to play the vorbis/mp3 files on its own and will do so in a new tab.

    Medieval mischief

    Music that fits traditional RPG settings best;
    somewhere in between classic and folk, maybe.


    • FatasyFanfare [sic!]
      Well, a fanfare. Might work when finding some vainglorious item.
    • Medieval
      Simple loop. Compatible with your local weapon und armour dealer.

    • Dungeon, generic
      More or less working dungeon music for a more ore less working dungeon. Also available as MIDI.

    • Waltz of sorrow
      A composition by this fellow, just produced by me. Might fit the royal library.

    • Fantasy world :)
      Fantasy world ):
      Regarding autorship, this piece is pretty much the same as the one above. Composition by Maniac, commercialisation by me. Available in sad
      minor and happy major.
      Also available as MIDI version, as well minor and major.
    • Dance of the druids
      A take on celtic music. Flute and lute, mostly.

    • Spring flowers
      Pseudoceltic microloop, can be used for druid retailers.

    • Greensleeves
      Quite minimalistic version of the classic english folk song. No singing. Of course!
      Available as MIDI too.

    • Ye olde shoppe
      Loop for a tavern or a LARP supply shop .

    • Acorn
      Pretty short orchestral loop, actually just a try out of some soundfonts, but I thought it was not half bad.

    • Elfenlichtung
      Fantasy generic, orchestral strumming with a hint of celtic. Might need to be faded in manually.

    • At the magicians
      Muzak for buying a magic wand.

    • Gewinnmaximierung
      Just another simple fanfare – this time as MIDI.

    • Juchheißa!
      As you are pulling your sword out of the deceased enemies gooey guts, a happy tune starts to play. Just like this one (MIDI version).

    • Objekt der Begierde
      „Oh wow, there was a key inside this chest!“ (MIDI version)

    • Objekt der immensen Begierde
      „Oh wow, there was an important item inside this golden chest!“ (VIDI mersion)

    • His royal brasseness
      Pretty inflated (huehue)
      piece with a choir, impulsive percussion and quite some brass. Half naked gladiators engaging in heroic and deadly battles, or just the villain explaining his cunning plan.
    • Valse du vent
      Whimsical woodwinds fluting and bassooning through a somewhat sad melody in ¾ time.

    • Library lingering lullaby
      An ingenious master thief sneaking around the royal library at night, overwhelmed with all the knowledge surrounding him. Also: ¾ strings.

    Eastern eerieness

    A melting pot for anything that sounds remotely asian;
    might contain musical stereotypes. You may be offended.



    • JapanLoop
      Quite short, pseudoasian loop. Shop, maybe?

    • JapanHaircut
      Outro for the above loop. Explanation of the weird name.

    • Ethno
      Heavily electronic track with a TB-303, a guzheng and some breakbeat
      Compatibility: 3,1%.
      Inspired by this masterpiece's OST.

    • Japanese seas
      Getting pretty cliche in this one. Based on – #funfact– an old tracker module of mine.

    • Bonsai-jō
      I was bored and tried to put the standard Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth to good use. Which means the MIDI version is the raw original, the vorbis file just some gimcrack enhancement.

    • Die Hochebene
      Ambientish sound canvases with phat percussion and melancholic aftertaste.
      Also: makes minimalistic use of delay and reverb.

    Atmospheric abominations

    Miscellaneous tunes with no distinc musical style,
    ranging from oldschool synth pads to world music.


    • Hut
      Kitschy stickiness inspired by this cute screen. Slightly sweet in taste, but, again, I thought it wasn't half bad.

    • Mansion
      An orchestral piece for some victorian residence of a mildly loony antagonist.

    • Chopin & something
      Weird blend trying hard to be spooky. The first riff is borrowed by Chopin, hence the name.

    • Waltz
      Creative title + wannabe sacral organ strumming + MIDI + ¾ time = Waltz.mid

    • CheezyOrgan
      Even more organ junk out of a MIDI can.
      Best before: 1994

    • Stone age
      Choir, percussion, flute and fire – that's all you need for some stone age cookies.

    • Pyramid rockerz
      Authentic sounds from ancient egybd [
      sic!], including a drumset and a compressor.
    • Pillars
      Music for gromans or reeks. Heavy plucking going on here.

    • Präludium (A major)
      Präludium (C minor)
      Some harebrained try to make somewhat classic music. However, I don't wanna judge if it worked. Available in A major, C minor as well as MIDI, also major and minor.

    • Drunken sailor
      My modest take on the well-known shanty.

    • Accordion
      Very short loop for the lower deck – if you happen to have a drumset down there.

    • AsbestRaumschiff
      Pretty old tune, remastered and now loopable . Futuristic? Maybe.

    • AuserirdischeEntfuerer [sic!]
      Pretty old tune, now loopable and remastered. Futuristic? Perhaps.
    • BelanglosElektron
      Pretty old tune, remastered and now loopable . Futuristic? Possibly.

    • BelanglosPositron
      Pretty old tune, now loopable and remastered. Futuristic? Might be.

    • MorlockReich
      Eerie ambient, inspired by the morlock's catacombs of H. G. Wells time machine.

    • Rho
      As usual, I have no idea how to put this piece to good use.
      Some esoterical skill grid? The protagonist smoking some herbs?

    • organum vilis
      Tiny loop for western styled tabernacles.

    • Mystic stones
      Mystic sounds, somehow inspired by stonehenge – more or less.

    • Sine
      Leisurely rumbling ambient with some binaural sine bass grumbling. Future elevator music, maybe?

    • Nebelatem
      Classic space sounds using an emulated Ensoniq SQ-80 – without any percussion.

    • Fumée
      Ethnic. Short.

    • fische_fagnen [sic!]
      Quiet fishing village in a classic JRPG setting. Guess that was my intention.
    • Mythril mines
      Busy dwarfs hammering ore veins, mules pulling waggons, steam powered conveyor belts. May be compatible with a forge as well.

    • weltraum luft
      Generic ambient grumble. Rather short, but I just could not throw it away.

    Groovy garbage

    Quite a medley in terms of genre as well;
    common ground is the percussion and/or groove.


    • OffbeatA
      Short, funky loop in two slightly different versions – I have no idea where to use this.

    • Mystery investigator
      Started out as a try on modern dungeon music – and turned out to be a theme tune for a cheesy detective series from 19XX. Also available as MIDI version.

    • Pyramid rockerz offbeat
      Authentic sounds from ancient egybd [
      sic!], including a drum machine, swing and a compressor.
    • High noon duel
      The soundtrack for your shoot-out in the sun. Including tumbleweed and some Morricone references.
      Also available as – for the fun of it – dance edit.

    • Industrial revelation
      Dirty guitars, a stolen riff and some weird solome gusta.

    • Itzamna
      A tune from a commercial commitment that failed to please. Was made with some scifi pyramidin mind.

    • Pianola №1
      Tiny waltz on a slightly detuned piano. As the name suggests, I thought of something like this.

    • Pianola №2
      Another small piano piece. Kinda ragtimeish. Casino? Saloon?

    • In der Kantine
      I dunno. Bitcrushing, organing, shuffleing.

    • Terminal
      Messing around with some classic subtractive synths. Might work for scifi stuff, I guess, but I guess, subtractive synths might always work for scifi stuff.

    • Wampe
      Tiny, tiny loop; I have some cyberpunk shop in mind.

    • Phunky witch
      A small tune for a slightly unusual witch hut containing a slightly unusual witch.

    • intestines
      This one is a little reminiscence to my style from about seven years ago, using the same plugins and samples that I was crazy about back then. Also, I have no idea where to use this.

    Tracker tune terribleness

    The only thing the tunes in this category have in common is their tracker origin.
    That's why the style mixture is even wilder here, but most of it is chiptune


    • SNES battle
      A pretty rocky battle theme, written for the SPC700 (8 channels, 32000 kHz sampling rate (cheated on that)
      and a max size of 64KiB).
    • GenGit
      Title tune for a SEGA Mega Drive (or Genesis, if you prefer) game.

    • Amiga title theme HD
      Product of a spontaneous jam session, after listening to this playlist for a while.
      Stylistically inspired by Commodore Amiga soundtracks from the early nineties, but without any hardware limitations.

    • An AY amstrad alloy
      Highly misleading working title: RetroDungeon.
      Based on the AY-3-8910 – three channels (square wave or white noise).

    • Percu pervert
      Heavy percussion and ambient pads for some stone age – well, ambient.

    • Beast’s shadow
      Inspired by a slightly similar sounding Amiga masterpiece. Might contain traces of downsampling and pan flutes.

    • In search of the gingerbread house
      Don't mind the random name – it's pretty much some sort of forest BGM and a tribute to David Wise, kind of.

    • Celtic SNES
      Dirty port of the druid dance to theSNES.
      Just for fun.

    • Plastic pop NES edit
      A port of Thomas Danko's Plastic Pop – aka Moleskinsoft clone remover – to the Nintendo Entertainment System.

    • 025-Town03 Soundblaster edit
      I always wondered how the RMXP RTP music might sound on an Adlib or Soundblaster card – and here is my take on this early nineties quest.

    • bratengeruch
      Totally random chiptune; demonstrating Impulse trackers filter algorithm as well as the beauty of the german language.

    • Unlimited layers helper tune (extended)
      The cracktro styled tune from my UnlimitedLayersHelper extended.

    • NES Dance
      Put some eighties disco beat to some eighties console what could possibly go wrong?

    • Sages
      Just playing around with Famitracker. Incompatible with anything, but #retro.

    • Zuckerbrot.exe
      String strumming, sounding pretty non-tracker for a tracker tune.

    • Alert (intro, 2nd part)
      An older tracker tune that was made for a chase scene. Comes with an optional introduction and a second, more vibrant loop (when you're about to get caught).

    Sinister soundscapes

    My take on SE and BGS;
    mostly harmless.


    • Spukiges Zuckerwerk
      Made for a Halloween event. Includes moaning from the depths of hell, spooky mellotron sounds, a few MEs and countless (23)
      sound effects.
    • Wint unt Waffer
      Synthetic sounds of rain, wind and waves.

    • Umwelt.1
      Thirteen bird and bug sounds, all synthetic.

    • Retro SFX
      Nomen est omen. Oldschool beeps and noises far beyond the 16bit architecture.

    • Indus 3
      Rambling machine sounds for some steampunky atmosphere.







    All tracks are released under a "Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International" licence; give credit to Shabraxxx or kopper, if not otherwise stated. In case you need a commercial licence, just send me a PM, I usually sell those for an – I'd say – appropriate price.


    P.S.: And, of course, I'd like to hear from you if you are using one of my tunes in your projects. (;




    Greetings, Shabz

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    Quite nice!

    I like your musical ideas. There were a few of them that reminded me of the music style of the first Suikoden game, and I felt they'd fit right in in certain scenarios. Despite their very short lengths, the tracks Acorn, Pianola No1, and Pianola No2 really stood out to me and were quite enjoyable to listen to.

    Keep making them! =D
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    Edit: Problem solved.

    Your about me section made it sound like you were looking for commissions instead sharing your free tracks, I almost locked it.  Could you please edit it to make it more clear that these tracks can be used?  The talk about commissions doesn't belong here but you're free to make another thread about it in the commercial section.
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    Some of these are really, really good o_O Already snatched a couple of tracks to my current project! :)
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    Love these! They fit so well with RPGs and I can see myself using a lot of these for my project. I also love how neatly and well organised you laid out the music si it's easy to navigate through :)
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    Bookedmarked, you've got some pretty cool tracks here. I really hope to use some one day.
  7. Labyrinthine

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    This thread deserves more attention, so bumping it now. Also, thanks again for the track you made!
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    Great work, Shab. You know I love you and your work... the platonic way of course x3
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    Hey everyone,

    thanks to all of you for the kind words – slight blushing here. ;)

    I'm bumping this thread since I've added a new track to the groovy and an old one to the tracker section.

    Greetings, Shabz​
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    Hey everyone,

    finding this thread at the bottom of page 2, I felt like it deserved a little bump (not to mention a little update concerning requests). Might be a subjective feel, though. (;

    Greetings, Shabz​
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    Please don't bump resource threads!  Because of the nature of a resource thread bumping without adding a new resource is spam.
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    Hey there,

    since the forum software update scrambled up quite a bit of my original post, I had to do some minor formatting, and after doing that, I felt like the thread needed a bit of a fresh content (meh, more like one new atmo and one new groove track) and a little boing. I'll try to update this collection a bit more frequently, though.

    Greetings, Shabz
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