Oct 8, 2018
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PluginName: ShadowDragon_TF (Tool Functions)
Author: ShadowDragon

Credit ShadowDragon & TSR The Northern Frog (for DrawTextEX correction)
You are allowed to use it in Non-commercial and commercial games when credits are given.
You may edit the plugin, but NOT redistribute the plugin, but link back to this thread.

Some functions get improvements while I learn JS more.

All suggestions are welcome.

Version: 0.4.0

Made this tiny on request for use, so I implent it as well

Adds a command to the title screen linked to a Common Event
that runs entering a map (rest map, customize credit map, etc)

Specify in the params, the Map ID (without zero's (0's)),
the Common Event ID and the Opacity (0-255) if you want it
transparant or not.

Can they walk on that map? specify the X, Y coordinates
or leave it as default.

Fast Loading is recommend for a 1x1 transparant Map
Return to title screen use scriptcall:
Actor Class Level are mostly not restricted.
if you have 3 classes, you can now restrict per class.
Class 1 can level up to 10,
Class 2 can level up to 25 (if they learn it)
Class 3 can level up to 50 (if they learn it)

Specify in the the Class Note Field <MaxClassLv: x>
and they won't level after it untill a new Class is given.
When you reach the edge, you transfer to the next map.
But when you place it to the edge, it won't transfer you back
when you face it.

When you go from the side, it transfer you as well, you cannot
stand on the event transfer as well and that can be a pain.

That issue is resolved with this plugin when placing the transfer
on the edge and in the events notefield: <Edge Transfer>
Some games gives you a message when you enter a vehicle or
when you leave it.

In the param, place the Common Events ID to run when you enter
or leaving the vehicle.

Combine it with a variable to say different things when the
game progress deeper in the storyline. Leave blank for not using.
TSR, the Nothern Frog made Gradient easier than ever before.

Creat gradient colors is never easier than before using the following:
\C[12] using a single color like default
\C[12,o4] or \C[12, o4] text color with "outline color 4"
\C[12, 5] gradient the text color
\C[12, 5, o11] gradient text color with outline color 11

you can use spaces between colors or leave them out.
No more hassle with \CG, it will now just be \C.
1 index number for single color, more than 1 for gradient,
for outline color, use lowercase o + index number.

Possibilties at this point that can be used:
Color Text (use name box \C[4,20]TEXT MESSAGE\C[0])
Color Items (use name box \C[4,20]ITEM NAME\C[0])
Color Weapons (use name box \C[4,20]WEAPON NAME\C[0])
Color Armors (use name box \C[4,20]ARMOR NAME\C[0])
Color Skills (use name box \C[4,20]SKILL NAME\C[0])
Color Variables (use name box \C[4,20]\V[X]\C[0]) to draw variable x value


Want to add over 100+ colors, than replace TSR_TextColorAddOn below this plugin.
Make sure you credits TSR, the Northen Frog for his plugin.

Hopefully, those can be put in good use.

01-04-2020 first release
07-04-2020 version 0.2.0 Added Color Gradient to "Items", "Weapons", "Armors", "Skills"
(see image in Text Gradient spoiler)
15-04-2020 Version 0.3.0, \CG is now \C only and added outline color (thanks to TSR, the Northern Frog
17-04-2020 Version 0.4.0 nasty bug fixed for text message box


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