Share a picture of your pet and share a story with us.


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Mar 2, 2014
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You don't have to share just only one picture but don't spam the whole thread with 9001 pictures of your pet.

The concept is sharing a story that involves our pet and share a picture of it.

Let me start then.

Recently I faced a family tragedy. After some time, I was in depression in front of my PC. Suddenly my sister said:

"Hey, you know what? Do you listen to that kitten? It is crying for two days non stop".

And she was right. We saw from our balcony an abandoned kitten.

An ugly one, in a very bad condition, with cute and hopeless eyes.

Did we had a choice? Not really. We took the kitten and took care of it.

For three days I was running to the vet.

The kitten was almost dead and now had 50% chance to live, because we cared.

I was feeling awful. "Another death", I thought.

I saw the kitten, having a lot of black and brown colors on the colorful fur it had.

And I said: "If you will live, your name will be Java".

And she did lived, she is now three months old.

It was a punch back to death really.

I am really glad I got this kitten now.

Here is a photo of Java:


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