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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Canini, Aug 4, 2018.

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    We all probably have some fun stories from your game creating, but have you some experience that you have actually incorporated into the game? Something that turned out being not a bug but a feature?
    My games is a real time action game that also uses a jumping script. This works well for fields and towns (even some fun events where people tells you to get off their houses*) but time and time again playtesters have completely managed to break my dungeons apart. No matter how intricate I make them and no matter how often I playtest other players manage to skip rooms, puzzles and even bug themselves into unwinnable situations! However, this has lead me to embrace it and even implement a few puzzles with multiple solutions. For example, there is a section of the game where the player must go through a labyrinth with the goal being just at the start but seperated by a high wall. So in the end the challenge has three different solutions depending on how crafty the player is:
    1 Go through the labyrinth, fail a few times until they learn the fastest possible way
    2 Go to the room in the castle where the labyrinth is and map it out before taking the challenge
    3 Jump over the wall

    *Main characters are rabbits, so they can really jump!

    And now for your guys stories!
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    It happened few days ago when I was testing @richter_h 's upcoming game demo. It happened in a certain dungeon, I encountered a scripted encounter. It was.... just a small bat mob. But I noticed something strange in this particular encounter. The music used was an epic battle bgm. Sort of boss battle theme, but... with small bat?

    Something was definitely wrong. So with the enemy graphic was the same as regular encounter, I thought it was an easy encounter. But turned out it didn't die after hundreds of damage. It stayed alive. Importantly, its move wasn't just move to actor and attack. It was throwing something like orb that deals AoE. "What is this even?" so I thought. After much struggled, I managed to pass the encounter, so I asked him.

    And he was like "Oh right, it supposed to be a boss battle but I didn't have the graphic yet so I used a random bat grahic, and I forgot to change that".
    My whole reaction
    Then I was like "So, can I assume this particular bat's pop are crystals?"
    He replied "Now to think about it. Why not as well as make a crystal-poppin' bat monster?"
    Me, "Yes please, make it official!"

    Now, I'm not sure if we are going to make it official later in release, but the idea is there!
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