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    (I looked over the other resources here and didn't see anything exactly like this - if there is and I missed it, well here's another version ^_^;; )

    One of the major things that has always bothered me when I am trying to create maps is that placing items in front of walls never looks quite right. I've read in a few different places that a few other people have felt the same way. So, I decided to take it upon myself to make something that - to me at least - looked better.

    These edits are only of the 'Outside' tileset and consist of mostly the walls themselves and additional tabs needed to allow you to lay them out in a presentable manner. There are also a few recolorations and piece-meal bits from me wanting to adjust colors and making bits to allow the map recreation (more on that ahead)

    The walls as given in the RTP:

    The walls after some shift editing:

    To allow for the extra half-block, all the auto-tile walls had to be adjusted. The 'bottom' of walls is now on a separate tab: Outside_D. This does mean that map creation can take a bit more work, but I believe the end result is well worth it.

    It's just a half-block shift, but it makes all the difference. The pictures give you a general idea, but it can be hard to understand until you see it in action. So, there is a *very* basic VX Ace project attached to this post. Unzipping the file will give you access to the edited RTP files in the appropriate resource folders. There are 4 maps: two correspond to the images posted here. Of the other two, one is a sample map provided with VX Ace by default. The last is a recreation of that map using the new shifted tiles. Starting up the 'Test Game' places you in the original sample map so you can get a feel of it first. There is then a teleporter at the bottom of the map to take you to the alternate version.

    I hope someone else can find these useful. Thanks for having a look!

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    Huh, that's an unusual method.  This means that anything mapped in front of the walls has to be evented, but it does make for a more natural looking height for single story houses.

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