RMVXA Shine (Interactive Novel)

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    This is the first RPG Maker project I've ever created and was made to test my writing abilities. It was part of a bigger story I had in mind, but being my first project, I kept it simple. However, I received some good feedback and interest to see the rest, so I finished it with a second chapter. The game is more like an interactive novel: cutscenes with bits of gameplay here and there. Chapter 1 is more cutscene-focused while Chapter 2 has more gameplay.

    Shine follows Carter, a student at Tempus University. He and nine other students have discovered that time has stopped - nobody outside is moving. While trying to figure out why, they realize they have been trapped in their classroom by a man named Vox, who has certain plans for the students.




    Download: https://rpgmaker.net/games/8729/downloads/

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