RMVXA Shine (Interactive Novel)

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    Escape from Tempus University! Carter and his classmates realize that time has stopped - nobody outside is moving. Trying to figure out what's going on, a man calling himself Vox greets them through a speaker. He explains that they are trapped and must follow his rules in order to escape. As time goes on, strange things begin happening to different students.

    A year before the events of chapter 1, Robin wakes up in an unknown building with nine strangers and a secret message. They must work together - or against each other - to get out. In the present, Carter and Tristan have been brought to another location against their will. With the help of a new ally, they navigate the large building avoiding danger and seeking answers. The truth behind the mysterious group at Tempus is within their grasp.

    This is the first RPG Maker project I've ever created. I wanted to test out my writing abilities and see how good of a story I could tell. Chapter 1 is essentially a visual novel, but chapter 2 has more gameplay. Total playtime for the entire story is about 6 hours.




    Download: https://rpgmaker.net/games/8729/downloads/

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