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    // Shine follows Carter, a student at Tempus University. After arriving to class, he and the other students find that time has stopped - nobody outside is moving. While trying to figure out why, they realize they have been trapped in their classroom by a man named Vox, who has certain plans for the students.
    // Chapter 2 is the continuation and conclusion of the story. It follows a new scenario of a student named Robin one year prior to the events of Shine. It also continues the story of Carter and Tristan as they try and figure out the truth of what happened at Tempus University.

    This is the first RPG Maker project I've ever created and was made to test my writing abilities. It was part of a bigger story I had in mind, but being my first project, I kept it simple. However, I received some good feedback from people interested to see the rest, so I finished it with a second chapter. The game is more like an interactive novel: cutscenes with bits of gameplay here and there. Chapter 1 is more cutscene-focused while Chapter 2 has more gameplay.




    Download: https://rpgmaker.net/games/8729/downloads/

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