Dec 29, 2012
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Ok, I'm trying to do something interesting in a game I'm working on and I managed to figure out about half of it on my own but I need some help with it.

Here's what I'm trying to do:

The new project I'm working on has a lot of sea travel so what I want to do is, at any time while you're on the ocean in the ship, be able to hit a button and it'll ask you "Do you want to go inside the ship?" and It'll transfer you to the interior of the ship where you can check on crew members and do other stuff on there and whenever you go to the ship's wheel, It'll transfer you back to where you were in the ocean as a ship.What I managed to figure out is the basic transferring part. What I need help with is...

A ) How to remember what place you were at when you transferred 

B ) How to change from the ship form to character form during transfer and vice versa

Anyone who can help me is much appreciated! :)


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Mar 2, 2012
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Before transferring, use Control Variables to set 3 different variables to the current map id, x and y location.  Then you can use those variables in the Transfer command to get you back again.

For the character change, I'd fade out the screen before doing the transfer, do a Get on/off Vehicle command, transfer to the ship interior and face in again.  Then the same the other way around.  You may need to set the player to THROUGH before the get on/off vehicle to allow them to walk on the water, and when changing back to the ship, I think you'll have to put them one tile away from the ship, facing the ship, before doing the get on/off vehicle command.  This could simply be transferring the character to the vehicle position and then taking a step up and turning to face down (unless the y variable happens to be set to 0).

There might be easier solutions.

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