Should I change this skill category name to something else?


May 22, 2019
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So in the game I'm making, everyone can use Magic (well, except for one guy), and there are four types of magic that your characters can learn (though each character can only learn certain types). One of those is Offensive Magic, which is made up of attacking spells that deal direct damage, negative state spells, and debuff spells. The second is Supportive Magic, which is made up of healing spells, positive state spells and buff spells. Then there's Parallel Magic, which are basically Enemy Skills/Blue Magic that can be learned from enemies.

However, the third of the main categories (Parallel Magic is considered special and separate) is neither inherently Offensive nor Supportive. I've been referring to it as Utility Magic, which made sense based on it's original purpose - spells which did not deal direct damage or healing, but mainly provided special effects, especially those that function outside of battle. Utility Magic is used by the "fighter" classes, like the Rogue and Paladin, who have very little magic power, so one thing that all Utility Magic spells have in common is that they don't factor in the user's magic attack power. But in my efforts to expand the list of Utility Magic spells, I've kind of diverged from it's original intent a bit, and some of the spells currently on the list could technically be classified as Support Magic - though most of them only work on the user rather than being able to be cast on any ally.

Here's my current list of Utility Magic spells, which may change drastically by the time the game comes out. Note that all skill names and descriptions are temporary:

Teleport - Returns to previously visited locations.
Evacuate - Escape from a dungeon.
Flee - Guaranteed escape from battle.
Reveal - Show enemy weaknesses and statistics.
Ward - Reduce encounter rate for a short time.
Avoid - Eliminate encounters for a short time.
Lure - Increase encounter rate for a short time.
Magnet - Steal items.
Imbue Fire - Adds fire element to user's weapon.
Imbue Ice - Adds ice element to user's weapon.
Imbue Lightning - Adds lightning element to user's weapon.
Provoke - Draws enemy attacks to user.
Gift - Gives MP to an ally.
Floatstep - Avoid damaging floors.
Meditate - Percentage-based healing to self.
Eagleye - 100% accuracy buff to self.
Cloak - Raises evasion of self.

So yeah... I feel like Utility may not be entirely representative of what these spells do anymore. My original list had things like Teleport, Evacuate, Flee, Reveal, Ward, etc - but now that I've added things like the Imbue spells, Gift, Meditate, Eagleye and Cloak... does Utility really describe them anymore?

Would you change the name of the skill category to something else, or do you think Utility still works?


Apr 12, 2022
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I'd say that they're still utility, but if you don't like the name you can always use synonym of it.

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