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    I don't take requests I am very new to this! But I do take suggestions.

    I sometimes need very specific hair pieces but no one ever seems to have them and I get nervous asking for requests or the like. So I decided to make some myself.

    Why not share it right? Who knows maybe someone else needs this specific piece I've made.

    Its also a good practice to teach myself the ways of sprite art! But here's where I'll be dropping all my pieces of customs when I make em.

    I highly recommend using it in the character hub portfolio edition. I have not tested this in the game's actual generator nor do I really know how to make it work in said generator.

    Bang Braid Edit: Now with Sv
    bang braid.png example.png bang braid sv.png

    Butt cape
    This one was hell to make but it comes with a sv! EDIT: Forgot the example! and its for a female body sprite
    ass cape sv.png $ass cape walk.png soon.png
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