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Aug 24, 2013
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I'm working in my first project. I wanted it to be a Side Battler, so I decide using Victor's Animated Battle, I had no problem with this script I always take my time to understand the stuff I'm doing. But now, I'm trying to change the Battle HUD for better visuals. I tried Yanfly's Ace Engine because somewhere it was compatible. Well there was a patch  but is not working anymore, it's outdated. Anyway, I try fixing this by myself, too complicated for a newbie like me. After a long search couldn't find a fix. So I continue working on my project without the Ace Engine.

Have seen a lot of people using Side Battlers with Ace Engine and other awesome Battle HUD. I know they are others Side Battle scripts there. I already tried some of them. I'm planning using Battler Sprites not charsets. I loved Victor script's flexibility to customization but it lack of compatibility is a killer for a newbie like me.

My question is 

Which compatible  combination of scripts for getting Side Battle and nice Battle HUD do you recommend?

(Oh I'm currently trying Victor's Animated Battle and Mog Hunter Battle Hud, but this last one is a hell of a script to set it up)

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May 15, 2012
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Yami's symphony is compatible with the YEA...  you can also wait until Division Heaven releases Luna Engine, which is meant to make modifying your battle HUD easier, plus it will be compatible with symphony and YEA...

If you're gonna use Victor's scripts, you're more or less gonna have to rely on most of his scripts and not use any script from others...
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