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Discussion in 'RPG Maker MV' started by ashar, Jan 8, 2016.

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    Hello friends

    I am working on a game with rmvx ace I want to ask you that would it be a good choice if i use default rmvx ace battle system coz I cant find much sideview battlers for my game
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    Greatings fellow Newbie, 
    I Myself use the FPS battle system, that's the default, as much as I would like to use the sideview myself it would require asking permission from both the creator/scripter and Your Computer and by that I mean, would it be compatible in the first place, as for SV sprites, I tend to be the DIY in terms of sprites, I've made character and object sprites of My own but they are not on par with anything You can find in the program itself, however, where I'm concerned with that, it works fine with Me, so You may want to try making Your own SV sprites from editing ones from the character sprites in game itself, simply export a character model from the resources and use anything from Photoshop/Photoscape to Microsoft paint to edit them, then let Your imagination fly, be forewarned, You'll need to make sure they are alligned properly as if they are not, only a partial sprite will appear, also import the sprite afterwards from a seperate file in the program file, otherwise the sprites will have a perminate opaque background, which was annoying for Me to get past.

    Hope this offers some insight.

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