"Simple Database" for MV - read/save external data

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    I hope someone can port KilloZapit's RMVXA "Simple Database" script.


    The script reads data from external files and also saves changed values into saved games.

    Here's a simplified example how the original script can be used:

    n057.txt contains:
    id 57
    name "Brunhilde"
    affection 10

    (Trigger event)
    $game_variables[200] = :n057
    (Common event call)$game_variables[209] = KZDatabase.get($game_variables[200], :affection)

    (Trigger event)
    $game_variables[209] += 5
    KZDatabase.set($game_variables[200], :affection, $game_variables[209])
    I've already seen a few MV scripts that can read external files, but I don't think any of them can do exactly what Simple Database does. I think it's a great system for games that require complex NPC management (like visual novels) and it would be great if something like that was available for MV :) .

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