Simple HP and mp gauge under actor sprite to go with victor atb


Dec 2, 2015
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Hi everyone Im using victors engine and active time battle js plugin and I just had a request if anybody could help that would be great. There is a green atb bar under the actors feet, right above it im looking for an hp and mp gauge to be visible beneath the actors feet as well. I want to do this to do away with the need tor battle hud because when I port it to android I want it to be more touch friendly with battles.

So anyways I tried to provide a picture to show but i saved one with prnt screen but it wont let me post. So anyways if anybody's familar with victors atb they would be similar to that gauge just different in color.

Similar in essence to this 1586544663934.png

but matching the aesthetic of victors atb gauge. I tried to post pictures of what the atb gauge under char sprite in SV battle looks like but one that matches the gauges below. They would be right above the green atb bar touching it and hopefully there
would be an option to adjust the width height of the guage. I would want the color for hp to be yellow and mp to be blue.

That way I can do away with the battle hud as im trying to make the screen less crowded.

So its really having an hp AND mp gauge display under actor sprite option and it would go just above the green atb bar can anybody please help with this? I dont use any yanfly scripts and yall know victor is not compatible with yanfly. I would have used yanfly but for whatever reason his scripts were not reading my character spritesheets properly and victors was and it took me a while to stitch them together so I went with victors. Anyways can anybody help?


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