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    I know there are some durability plugins for MV already, but I don't believe any of them can do what I want. I would be happy to be corrected if they can!

    The durability system I have in mind is fairly simple, but I'd like some features that I haven't seen in a single plugin yet:

     - The ability to increase/decrease an item's durability via a command or script line.

     - The ability to change the durability of separate copies of one item separately.

     - No impact on durability during combat.

     - Durability clearly displayed somewhere in the item screens.

    The reason is that I'm hoping to make a survivalist game where the player has basic tools (hammers, axes, etc) that they need to accomplish various tasks, but must be carefully conserved. I could manage some of this via simple variables, ie just create a "Hammer Durability" variable, but that wouldn't let you check durability in an elegant way, and it wouldn't let you collect multiple copies of a tool unless I made each copy a unique item/variable. All the durability scripts I tried seem battle-focused and I don't think they could be bent to work for this; I feel like it would be useful to have another durability plugin available.

    If anyone wants to take a shot at this, or has a clever way to event a system like this, I'd be very grateful!

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