Simple Name Generator Plugin 1.0 [MV]

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    Name Generator 1.0
    By Florodude

    This script pulls in random names from one or more text files to be used however you want it in your game. It also features a very simple random number generation script.

    1. Install the plugin.
    2. Find or create a txt file with one name on every line. You can google things like "male names txt" for a bunch of these, or create your own, and place the file in your /data/ folder.
    3. Simply call the script SelectRandomName(fileName) where fileName is a string of the filename in the data folder. For exampple SelectRandomName("maleNames").
    4. You may also use RandomNumber(min,max) to pull a random number. This is better than the game's default random number feature as you can set it to game variables.

    -A simple script call to get a random name out of a txt file.
    -Use this to display random content, or set variables to be random names. I personally created this as a part of a dynamic NPC creation project I'm working on, where I'm using this script to set a game variable storing the NPCs name to a random name.


    You may use this in whatever commercial fashion you wish freely, I just ask that you credit me. Please link back to this plugin when sharing. Thanks!
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