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Discussion in 'JS Plugin Requests' started by luiscesjr, Dec 1, 2016.

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    HI everyone! 

    I would like to ask for a mini game, where the player have to touch a sequence of symbols to pass it. Something like, you give the player 5 clickables icons, and the sequence you need it to be pressed with mouse click, touch action (So it can be used on mobile aswell).

    There was something very similar to this made by Mog for vxace, right now I am not close to a pc to copy the link here I'm sending from my mobile.

    But I hope you guys got more or less the picture of what I wanted. Later I will attach more info to this, and if a clearer explanation is needed just ask me.

    I found many mini games, the ones from Mog are very nice, but I wanted something that simple and useful. No need for fancy windows, just a set of icons on screen and the sequence to be input, as well as a timer.

    Thanks in advance!

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