Aug 8, 2020
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Hello there!

To Access the Plugin Generator

This tool has been in the works for over 6 months with 2 months of private testing and going on now 4 months of low publicity access. Well, it is finally here. We believe that the work has finally paid off to reveal Sir Legna's Plugin Generator!

Okay, what is this plugin generator?
Great question! This was tool created by Sir Legna to allow developers to compile all the plugins that we have developed in whatever combination you want. For example, maybe you want 27 plugins in one file, and with this Generator can have it! How about 5 plugins here and 3 plugins there, sure thing! Just want individual flies per plugin, here you go then!

Preview of the Generator
Note: The picture is not going to be up to date as the software updates

Okay cool, but what plugins are included?
Here is a list of all plugins that are available and as time goes on more plugins will be added. We bolded a few that we find very useful in our projects and others. And if there is a link, then that means we have created an interactive demo of the plugin. This list is up to date as of July 23, 2021.

  • Accent Manager - replaces text in a show text message automatically based on defined plugin parameters
  • Actor By Variable - references actors in various commands via a variable instead of hardcoded values
  • Actor Cloner - generates new actors during run time
  • Actor to Event - makes an event appear like an actor
  • Armor Requirement Revamp - has skills that require armor requirements or require no armor to be equipped
  • Better Show Battle Animation - shows battle animation on dead enemies as well as alive ones
  • Choice Location - makes the choice window appear anywhere they desire
  • Delay Switches and Variables - changes self-switches, switches, and variables with a delay of a number of battles, wins, escapes, saves, frames, game seconds, steps, and real-world seconds.
  • Direction Event Switch Trigger - flips another event self-switch in Move Routes
  • Enemy Escape Revamp - enables enemies to have escape percentages similar to how the party does
  • Enemy Stats Formula - dynamically defines enemy parameters
  • Event Cloner - clones an event from any map and can overwrite aspects of the cloned event
  • Item Cost Formula - dynamically defines the price of items, weapons, and armors
  • Item Morpher - creates items that morph into a new item upon being used
  • Item Requirement Revamp - limits skill usage based on the number of items within the party inventory
  • Jump to Tile - jumps to specific X and Y tile in Move Routes
  • Position BattleBacks - modify the position of battlebacks for battles also allow for animating them
  • Real World Conditional - makes conditionals based on real-world local time
  • Restore Event Commands - restores an erased event
  • Skill Cost Display - displays additional costs for skills such as MP and TP together
  • Skill Cost Formula - dynamic skill cost through damage-like formula
  • Skill Cost Sorter - defines how to sort the skills also allowing sorting by last used or if usable
  • Tile-based Scaling - games attempt to auto-scale to reduce black bars on the side of the screen
  • Tile Event - makes map tiles call common event based on three actions; standing on the tile, being beside the tile, or pressing the action button
  • Weapon Requirement Revamp - has skills that require additional weapon requirements (greater than the default 2) or require no weapons to be equipped
  • Weapon Stats Restrictions - prevents a weapon from appearing in the equip menu for an actor if their stats don't meet the requirements
How do I suggest a plugin for future versions? I found a bug where do I report it?
Check out our
Community page or come hang out on our discord

Okay, how much does this cost?
There is no cost to using this
plugin generator or the generated plugins. It's FREE!

What are the terms?
These terms may change. The most up to date terms can be found on the
plugin generator or plugin help section for the terms defined upon generation

All required Terms of Use follow the higher the number, the higher the priority, for example, 1. Can use X and then 2. Cannot use X, then you cannot use X
Optional Terms of Use are terms that the creator would like to have, but are not forcing anyone to follow.
  1. You are free to use the plugin created in any commercial or non-commercial projects with the RPG Maker software.
  2. You are free to modify the script created to your liking however, for any bug fixes or general features you are required to post an explanation in the Bugs/Features Requests forums on the generator page. This is so that the community can always be using the best code available.
  3. You are not allowed to modify the terms of use except for creating stricter terms.
  4. Place SirLegna Generated Plugins in your credits
  • Gifting SirLegna a copy of your game. I would love to see how you use my code for ideas on how to improve my plugins.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to SirLegna! We want to make our plugins help make your game the best it can be.
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Lee Sang

Sang Hendrix
Jun 7, 2012
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I built the Tile-Based Scaling plugin and went to the Setting but the Download With Settings wasn't clickable.


Mar 22, 2017
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I built the Tile-Based Scaling plugin and went to the Setting but the Download With Settings wasn't clickable.

There is an icon at the top you want to click first, which switches to the 'Download Settings' tab.
From there Sang, once you give the plugin a name, the 'Download with Settings' button becomes clickable.

Download With Settings.png

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