Skill animation when hitting enemies using ABS


Jun 24, 2013
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Hi all,

I'm using Falcoa's ABS system ( and my characters have a number of skills (as is usual). When I set up the animations, they always play as if MY character has been hit.
For example, I have a character with a bow and arrow. The TOOL is the arrow, and can hit and damage enemies at range. There is a too PROJECTILE character setting, and a CASTING ANIMATION setting (which displays while my character is in the process of casting magic/preparing a skill). However, I can't seem to find a way to have the effect of that spell or skill on the enemy (in terms of animation). If I use my Double Arrow skill, I set the animation to look like the enemy has been hit twice, but that animation in the game actually makes it look like I've shot two arrows at myself.
So, I'm wondering if there's some way of separating the casting animation, and the HIT animation (if that's a thing), or whether there might be another way to do it.
Here's my settings for the double arrow skill (as an example), but it would be really useful to have these kinds of animations for all skills/magic.

User Graphic = $Bow
User Anime Speed = 30
Tool Cooldown = 300
Tool Graphic = $Arrow – this is the projectile sprite
Tool Index = 0
Tool Size = 2
Tool Distance = 6
Tool Effect Delay = 2
Tool Destroy Delay = 5
Tool Speed = 6
Tool Cast Time = 70
Tool Cast Animation = 112 – this is the 'double hit' animation
Tool Blow Power = 1
Tool Piercing = false
Tool Animation When = acting – this means it will animate while the skill is being prepared (animation 112 on self)
Tool Animation Repeat = false
Tool Special = nil
Tool Target = false
Tool Invoke Skill = 0
Tool Guard Rate = 0
Tool Knockdown Rate = 3
Tool Sound Se = Blow3
Tool Cooldown Display = true
Tool Item Cost = 0
Tool Short Jump = false
Tool Through = true
Tool Priority = 1
Tool Hit Shake = false
Tool Self Damage = false
Tool Combo Tool = nil

I know that you can change the "Tool Animation When" setting to "Hit", but I just find it does the animation twice. Even if it did wait until a target was hit to animate, it would still animate over my character not the enemy.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!


The Cheerful Pessimist
Apr 18, 2013
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I used this ABS years ago when I was making a Galaga style shooter game. Unfortunately I lost all the work and notes I had saved about using the ABS effectively. If you can find the ABS script thread, I remember reading through about 40+ pages of the thread and finding answers to a lot of the questions I had. Back then, Falcao was pretty good about answering people's questions with how it all worked. It was much newer back then though. I'm sorry I can't be more help. But I would google search his ABS and maybe you'll find that old thread, I don't think it was on this website, I think it was on an independent website devoted to VXAce.

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