Skill automatically executes when party limit gauge is full (Yanfly Party Limit Gauge)


Dec 25, 2015
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Hi, everyone! I haven't found any thread related to this specifically so I thought I'd ask out here.
Forgive me if I posted in the wrong thread. I'm not sure whether to put it in the Plugin Request section or Plugin Support section.

So I have been using one of Yanfly's plugins called the Party Limit Gauge, (link What this plugin does is create a a new resource for the players to use. In my case, I use it as some sort of limit break or ultimate skill. The gauge fills as the battle goes on, and if the players have enough of it, they can use it and execute a powerful skill.

My question is how do I automatically execute a skill when the party limit gauge is full? If this was using the default mana within the game, I assume I could get by with if conditions and eventing, but I am not sure how do I do this with this plugin. Is there a variable I have to call out from this plugin that refers to the party limit gauge? I am not really knowledgeable in Javascripting. From my understanding, I might have to use "$gameParty.partyLimitGaugeMax()" in some kind of code (taken from plugin's website).

Alternatively, I'm thinking of using a skill follow-up plugin that executes the skill that requires the Party Limit Gauge if it is full. Basically, everytime a character attacks, it is guaranteed to be followed up by the said skill (if the party limit gauge is full.)
But I'd like to know if its possible for a skill to be automatically executed when the party limit gauge is full. Any ideas?


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