Skip Splash Screens after first launch with Hime plugin

Discussion in 'RPG Maker MV' started by Kumachan77, Dec 13, 2016.

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    By default, the MadeWithMV splash screen loads, then you have your title screen.  Once you start/continue a game and quit, you end up in the title screen.  However, I have been using the Hime_PreTitleEvents to create my custom title screen.  In just one screen/map, I have an event which plays 2 "splash pages" then proceeds to the "title screen".  Again, all on the same map, just using parallax backgrounds to make it appear that different windows/screens are popping up.  So the end result is this: User starts game, MadewithMV splash screen appears and fades out, my custom logo splash screen fades in then out, user is presented with title screen showing the Start Game, Continue, Options, Exit buttons.  All of this on one map which I have the plugin replace the default title page and events to manage all mentioned transitions.

    So the problem is that once I press start and either being a new game/continue game and quit, it loops me back to the first MadewitMV splash screen, 2nd custom splash screen, then back to title page.  My question is how to cut/prevent the 2 splash screens in the event from playing again unless the user quits the app then restarts it?  Is there a way to place some kind of anchor in the event script?  The Label and jump label don't do it, and my IF/Else conditional branches can't seem to over ride it as well.

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