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Apr 28, 2016
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Hi everyone. I'm currently making a game called "Arune" which is a RPG and the game is being made using only RPG Maker XP pre-supplied resources but i am trying my best to make a great quality game i also have no intentions of "Ditching" this game so i wont be wasting peoples time. My goal is to make a great game the best i can and hopefully get a fan or two.

I need the following;

1 Beta Tester

I'm making 1 area at a time, everytime i finish a area the game files will be ready for testing. The beta testers job is to only test out the area provided. For example the first beta test will be "Snowfell Village" its stores and surronding areas. After the game file as been tested i will provide the tester with the next area when available. Because i am taking care in this game and not rushing i only require a beta tester to test once a week and the test should not take long.

Once the game as been completed a big beta will be released to the public for a serious testing.

1 Quality Tester

The quality tester will be someone who knows how things should look, someone who can say "I don't think that tree should be there" or "i think that area of grass needs a few more flowers", basically someone who can make sure the game looks good visually. The quality tester will check the quality of levels the beta tester as tested, so you only need to be available once a week.

If interested please let me know. It would help if people wanting to join had (1) of the following;




Or if you know of an easier way to share files and communications do let me know. This is unpaid but if all goes well with the game you can share the fame to :D

Thank you, Danny.

Edit: If you wish to learn more about my game you can do so here:

I dont know if posting links to my blog is allow but the blog is all about Arune and its being made with RPG Maker, its not a personal blog or services. If the link is removed i will make a topic about my game once i figure out where. Thank you.
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