RMMZ Smaller Regions Tiles - (Edit for Cyclone Map Editor)

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Nov 29, 2020
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So my request is simple in its needs, but complex in its execution.

What I'm requesting is an edit of an existing plugin(s) for RM MZ: Cyclone Map Editor for MZ & Cyclone Movement for MZ
More specifically I'm requesting that you're able to change the size of Region Tiles to match the changes of Step & Collision tiles this plugin adds.
In the first Image, you're able to see that Region Tiles take up the full 48x48 px area.
Where as in the second image, you'll see that collision and movement can be reduced to 12x12 px tiles.

(Picture 2 - Shown in Red is collisions, Green is walkable).

So to simplify, I'm requesting that the Region Tiles in the Cyclone Map Editor Plugin, allow for Region Tiles to be placed in a similar fashion to how the collision tiles are able to be placed.
The reason I'm making this request is because I'm heavily using Parallax Mapping. And thus need Region Tiles to provide collision in some aspects that the collision tiles would not let me do. (Collision when walking from above but not below, etc...)

Normally regular Region tile size would be fine, but let's assume my movement has been changed thanks to [Cyclone Movement Plugin] to be 4 steps per Tile.
If you look at Picture 1, let's assume both Region 4 & Region 8 are set to deny player movement. In this scenario, I could step to the right and "touch" region 4.
However I would NOT be able to step to the left to "touch" region 8. Something in Cyclone Movement prohibits this due to collision detection or whatever.
But since "small" collision tiles let you walk up to the very tiny tile next to it; small region tiles should fix this.

Please and Thank you. If it cannot be done due to whatever engine limitations, I understand, I figured I should ask first since my knowledge of Javascript is very very limited outside of understanding syntax (which is pretty much the same across other code languages).
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Jul 22, 2014
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