Jul 4, 2014
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# * [ACE] SME - Sixth Menu Engine
# * Made by: Sixth (,
# * Version: 1.2
# * Updated: 03/07/2015
# * Requires: Sixth's Picture Number Drawing script
# * < Change Log >
# * Version 1.0 (30/06/2015)
#   - Initial release.
# * Version 1.1 (01/07/2015)
#   - Added special options for the default map screenshot background.
#     Now you can make an entering and exiting animation for that too, and you
#     can manipulate all of it's properties as well (like zoom, position, etc).
# * Version 1.2 (03/07/2015)
#   - Changed some code regarding the default background effects.
#     The background will now be shown as usual in all sub-menus.
#   - Added a new setting for the default background. The blur effect is now
#     an optional effect only!
#   - Added some missing information in the Info & Manual section regarding the
#     position settings of the images.
# * < Description >
# * This script set is the first part of my menu engine, and contains
#   significant visual upgrades for the main menu.
# * I don't really want to write a whole lexicon here, so I will just write the
#   main visual changes:
#   - Animated command buttons, help data, status windows and
#     general info display (such as current gold, playtime and location).
#   - Fully image based main menu! Make your own design for literally anything
#     for the main menu!
#   - Scrolling and static backgrounds, add as many as you want!
#   - Position anything anywhere!
#   - Add custom actor images for your main menu!
# * This script acts as a menu command organizer too, since you get complete
#   control over your commands and what they do! This means you can:
#   - Add/remove default/custom command buttons easily!
#   - Order your commands how you want!
#   - Change their enable and show conditions how you want!
#     Tie them to switches, add a script requirement or call already coded in
#     methods to define their enable/show states!
#     Or simply turn them ON or OFF forever, but where is the fun in that, right?
#   - Make your own command buttons for common events or even for script calls!
#   - And more! ... No actually there are no more... Ohh, well...
# * < Instructions >
# * This script uses a custom, configurable folder structure for the images!
#   Make sure to put all your images into the correct folder!
# * Most image position settings are based on the image's center, and not it's
#   top left corner like usually! This is to make sure that the zooming effect
#   is played correctly. The exceptions are the ones in the status boxes, they
#   don't have a zooming animation, and the filling image bars can't use that
#   type of positioning, or else the fill rates would be messed up! So, the
#   position of the images in the status box settings means their top left corner!
# * Refer to the script's Info & Manual section for more information!
# * < Installation >
# * In the script editor, place the SME scripts below Materials but above Main
#   in the following order:
#   - SME: Settings Section scripts
#   - SME: Main Code Section scripts
# * < Compatibility Info >
# * I doubt that this will work with any other scripts altering the main menu.
# * I do not use any default drawing methods for the menu, and I plan to keep it
#   that way! All numeric info is displayed with my Picture Number Drawing
#   script, and all text is displayed with a custom, configurable picture.
# * I have completely replaced the default window classes used on the scene!
#   Methods created in Window_MenuCommand are still accessible thou, since my
#   command "window" class inherits from that class.
#   Regardless, the only way to add new menu commands is by entering new
#   settings for them in the module settings!
# * Overwritten methods:
#   - In the SceneManager module:
#     ~ snapshot_for_background
#   - In the Scene_Menu class:
#     I called super on the 1st two, since they are not defined by default!
#     ~ update, ~ dispose_all_windows
#     ~ create_command_window, ~ create_status_window, ~ create_gold_window
#     ~ on_formation_ok, ~ create_background, ~ dispose_background
# * Aliased methods:
#   - In the Scene_Menu class:
#     ~ start, ~ update, ~ dispose_all_windows
#   - In the Game_Actor class:
#     ~ setup
# * < Known Issues >
# * No known issues.
# * < Terms of Use >
# * Free to use for whatever purposes you want.
# * Credit me (Sixth) in your game, pretty please!
# * Posting modified versions of this script is allowed as long as you notice me
#   about it with a link to it!

- Script:
Nahh, get them from the demo! :p
I separated the script into multiple scripts due to the sheer amount of lines it would be in one single script.

- Demo:
Yes, for the first time, there is a demo, but not a separate script download!
I know I will regret this sooner or later (uploading 2+ MB is not an easy task for my connection! >.>), but here we go:
The demo contains the required script (my Picture Number Drawing)!

- Screenshots:

- Video:
Can't upload it yet, sorry! Will do it when I can!

- Author's Notes:
This is the first part of my menu engine, but not the last, I hope. It contains a complete rework for the main menu.
This menu engine is fully image based, so you will need to make HUD graphics and other visual elements yourself!
The demo mostly uses my own images which I made myself, but there are some exceptions, and those are:
- One face graphic is taken from the ReStaff April 2015 pack (named 'no1') to demonstrate the custom menu image feature. That is made by Candacis, all credits for that goes to her and for Enterbrain (according to the ToS for it, I should credit the latter too)!
- One background image is taken from Moghunter's Monotagari Menu Engine (named 'Background'). Credit for that goes to Moghunter and Closet!
- Another background image is taken from the RTP (named 'StarlitSky'). Credit for that goes to Enterbrain (I guess, thou I must admit, I did not check that one, sorry)!
- The images used for the help descriptions (the icon like images, not the text images!) are mostly (not all of them) made by Ravenmore originally! I just added some effects and made some animation frames for them! Some images are from other authors, but they did not include any kind of identification in their download pack, so unfortunately, I can't credit them, because I forgot from where I got them (was a long time ago), sorry!
You can use my images if you want, but make sure to check the ToS for the above mentioned images before you use them!

Requests for features are welcome!

I plan to add animated gauges next (nothing fancy, just plain picture animation, no gradual filling or anything), and I plan to rewrite the scrolling code for the member selection. I did not test the horizontal scrolling version much, so if there are any bugs, let me know!

Please read the descriptions of the settings before you ask a question! I know it's a lot to read, but it has to be done regardless!

And do note: This is NOT a plug-and-play engine! You will need to make your own images (unless you want to use my sample images), you will need to place those images into the folders you have set up for them AND you will need to set up every visual detail for the scene in the module settings yourself (unless you want to use the sample layout I made)! Failing to do any of the above or doing it incorrectly will most probably lead to a big crash of your game, so double check your settings and images!

That's all for now, folks! *-*
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Dec 14, 2012
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Awesome script Sixth! I feel like I could really do a lot with this.

As as side note, I love how everything is organized into folders.


Jul 4, 2014
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Updated the engine to v1.1!

I figured it would be cool to do something like this:
So, you can show the current map screenshot (the default background) anywhere in any size, and use it for your location info as a mini-picture for the area.

Of course, it is optional, and got enter/exit animations, just like the rest of the images.

The demo also got some re-colored numbers now, to show how the percentage based drawing styles work for the numeric data display. I was too lazy to make new colors before, sorry! :p
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