RMMZ [Solved] CC_ItemCrafting and ALOE_ItemSkillSortPriority sorting issues


May 12, 2022
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Hi there! I'll try to keep this as concise as I can!

So, I appear to be having a slight compatibility issue regarding two plugins:

- CC_ItemCrafting
- ALOE_ItemSkillSortPriority

In that the item/skill sorting plugin works seamlessly for the most part elsewhere, sorting items and skills without issue across a range of menus, even with the Visustella suite of plugins applied, but doesn't seem to be applying this same sorting to the item crafting menu whenever I'm viewing it, and that it still takes from the default database ordering on that one specific crafting menu.

My hope is that since both plugins are fairly lightweight, that there might be a rather easy addition to the code to make it work on the item crafting menu, too. As judging by [this post] someone was having an issue with the sorting not applying to a new menu, but once they added a new segment in, it began to work. I did tool around to see if I could achieve the same results, referencing how the item crafting menu is set up but sadly I couldn't get anything to work.

I'll also concede that the item/skill sorting plugin is intended for MV so there might be compatibility issues afoot, but seeing as it works flawlessly across the rest of the menus, it's probably just a quirk with the crafting plugin in particular.

Thank you very much for your time, and if you need any additional information, please don't hesitate to ask!

Edit: All is well! I had a friend versed with Javascript in general take a poke at things and they were able to find a swift solution to it!

For anyone else that might want to use this same specific set of plugins, add the following to the ALOE_ItemSkillSortPriority plugin on line 120 or so underneath the similarly structured parts:

ALOE.Alias.Window_Recipes_makeItemList = Window_Recipes.prototype.makeItemList;
Window_Recipes.prototype.makeItemList = function () {
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