RMMV [solved i was stupid] Yanfly's Custom Leave Effect not working


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May 4, 2020
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I'm currently using ATB System, but tested with Default Turn Battle as well. I literally coppied Yanfly's Doom code into a state notebox and it doesn't work - but if I change it from "Custom Leave Effect" to "Custom Remove Effect", the effect works fine. So I have no idea of what to do, because I wanted the effect to happen only upon leaving. I'm using the latest version of all Yanfly's plugins. Anyone else having this issue? :kaoeh:

edit: I just tested using an empty project, with only Battle Engine Core, Buffs & States Core and ATB System plugins, and it worked lol. So these are the plugins I am currently using, I'll start testing stuff when I finish work today, but if anyone maybe has any guess on what may be conflicting, please tell me :kaocry: this is going to take so long omg

edit2: OMG I ONLY HAD TO CHANGE THE PLUGINS ORDER I FEEL SO STUPID UGHHH ok it's working now, thanks for everyone who read this and shared this journey with me


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