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Feb 28, 2017
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I'm trying to use Yanfly's Picture Common Events and DreamX's Addon to allow the player to open up the menu during dialogue and save/load the game. DreamX's add-on works to allow the player to click on the picture + run the common event during dialogue, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to set the save/load correctly.

I want it so that once the game has been saved and the menu is closed, the dialogue resumes directly from where it left off. This would also apply if the player loads the game- it should continue on from the same message they saved.
I've tried to set up test events (in a new empty project) but I'm getting this issue-

After running the common event- the dialogue restarts itself from the beginning (it's an autorun event- I've tried using an action button trigger, however doing so causes the event to close after the common event, and start again from the beginning when you re-trigger it.)

DreamX's addon allows you to jump to label after the common event, but that's not what I'm after. The feature is mentioned "allow the user to open the menu and save during a message, then return to that same message on load or exiting the menu." on the original thread, which is what I need help figuring out how to set up.

These are my events;
event1.png Autoruns as the first thing on the map to make sure the clickable picture is shown. Second page is blank.
Page 1
As mentioned before- using an autorun trigger else the event closes itself after the common event has been run. eventtalk2.png
common event.png The comments are copied + pasted directly from the plugin help. I've tried re-ordering them/adding them after the save screen but have been unable to make this work as required.

My game is part visual novel with long, unbroken scenes of dialogue, so this feature is a necessity for me! I have no way to determine whether I'm just setting the events up wrong (this is probably the case, but I've tried what I can to make it work, so I'm at a loss now,) or if there is a problem with the plugin, so I could really do with the help! :kaoluv:

EDIT: Wow, I feel dumb. I assumed my problem was the common event, when really all I needed to do was change the talking event to run parallel. Whoops. :kaoback: It works both for save and loading! Leaving my embarrassing message up in case anyone else has been wondering how to get this to work.
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Jul 2, 2014
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