Dec 16, 2015
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So I used to come here a long time ago back with rpgmaker 2000 and vx ace. I've come back for mv and have begun to work on materials for my own project. As such, seeing the generosity of the forum, I wanted to give a bit back. I'm putting up some original work that I've done. It's my first time using the art program Piskel but it was rather fun. I'll put my future work up here too, but right now there's just a tree.

Terms: If you want to use anything I post in this thread, feel free to for both non-commercial and commercial use.

Credit? If you want to, you can credit me but don't have to.

So this is the tree, its non-symmetrical because I don't generally like the symmetrical trees unless its for some posh place with manicured gardens. Size is 48x48 pixels, .png, with a transparent backing. Not sure if it works alright or not (I haven't gotten mv yet, waiting for the school year to start before buying as I work for the school) so if someone wants to test, let me know.


This second tree is made at 48 x 96 pixels in size, also using piskel and with a transparent back. The files are .png, feel free to place them in any tilesets you might want. Like before, this one is made so that it's not symmetrical.


Here's a third one, the last one I'll be doing tonight. I decided that I didn't like Pizkels as much as I thought I would, and ended up just going back to photoshop.

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