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    I just found some older Pixel-Tutorials of mine and thought maybe they might help some of you.

    (I work with Graphicsgale, but you cold do this even in MS Paint)

    Wood structure is really important, you need it for walls, doors, furniture...


    1. First, just make a 32x32 Pixel square.
    2. Coose the size of your planks.
    3. Now you take your brightest color and accentuate the bottom and left side.
    4. Copy and paste your tile before you start with the structure, so you can work with the whole planks.

    Then take your second darkest color and draw your texture on the sides.

    5. Use ur brightest color again to create the texture in the middle.
    6. With some copy and paste you'll have a nice and working floor tile.

    Examples and variations.
    a) Just some other plank size.
    B) The same tile, RMXP colors.
    c) You can add more shades to create larger tiles.
    d) You can use this texture on any other object too.


    1. Make your sqaure again.
    2. Choose the size of your stones, remember they need to loop.
    3. Copy and paste, it's so much easier to make the tile loop if you do this before creating the texture!
    4. Since this is Wall and not floor, accentuate the left side and the top. Since they are dressed stone you need them to be not to smooth.
    5. Give that stone some shadow and structure on the bottom.
    6. Done!

    Examples and variations.
    a) Just some other colors.
    B) If you want, you can just do one 16x8 Stone and copy and paste it.
    c) Just two matching tiles for more variation.
    d) Another variation



    1. I took the colors out of the XP RTP and added two.

    2. My square again.

    3. I just added some oval structures.

    4. Copy and Paste and make it loop.

    5. My looping tile.

    6. I removed some pixels for a better look.

    7&8: Adding some highlights on the structure.

    9&10 Adding shadows in the "holes"

    For animation, you just need to relocate the structure slightly.
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    This is so helpful - basics are always like that - well presented, they seem so simple, but they make all the difference!

    Maybe it would be helpful to have the first tag be "Graphics" and have it show up in the title? 

    Thanks for posting!
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    nice tutorials. thank you
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    thank you so much.. i was looking for something like this the whole time!

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