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    The power of dreams is known to weave miracles.

    Dreams become reality. Reality sows dreams. And thus, the cycle continues.

    From these dreams, a power known as "Somnis" came to be.

    "Somnis" creates the foundation of existence itself--the air, the water, the earth, and all forms of life therein.

    At the heart of the world lies the Well of Dreams, a place of legend where new life springs forth. It is a sacred place, and though none have laid eyes upon it, stories have spread far and wide of it since ages long past. Some seek out the Well in search of glory, others on a pilgrimage to pledge faith to any deities that may watch over it.

    But others still would seek to destroy it, and bring about the end of all that is, all that was, all that ever will be.

    And thus, our tale begins...


    So this is an idea that evolved from a very old project from about...oh, seven years ago. The original draft was completely different than what I have now--the original idea was a trio of friends who entered another world in their dreams and were tasked with saving said world. This idea is instead a slightly more conventional RPG. I'm still working on the major details, but a handful of scenes are already in mind, and the main cast is done. If I could get the antagonist ready, that would help tremendously.

    KADEN: The main protagonist of the game, he originally lived a quiet and humble life on a small farm. However, he held dreams of becoming a knight, for the sake of protecting his village. His starting class is the Warrior.
    CELICE: An apprentice mage hailing from the capital. Born into the lower tiers of nobility, she was originally sheltered and kept her nose squarely planted in her books, studying hard to learn magic. Her starting class is the Mage.
    ELIAN: An elven priest whose devout belief in a goddess known as Asteria has granted him with the power to heal others with the magic of Somnis. Though he is wholly a pacifist, he willingly dives into battle not to harm foes, but to heal friends. His starting class is the Cleric.
    MARKUS: A petty thief known for being nigh-uncatchable, he and a small team of desert bandits plunder goods from caravans making their way between merchant towns. His starting class is the Rogue.
    LIANNA: A mysterious forest spirit believed to be the last of her kind, Lianna is the guardian to the path leading to the Well of Dreams. All who set foot in her forest must be pure of heart, lest they face her arrows. Her starting class is the Archer.
    SENKA: A spunky girl boasting inhuman strength, she seeks a path of heroism much like Kaden. Though she isn't bright and prefers to use her fists to talk for her, she is a friendly face to all who meet her. Her starting class is the Fighter.
    MATHIAS: A member of the royal guard who has embarked on his own quest for reasons unknown. He holds an air of dignity about him, and willingly stands between foes and allies as a shield. His starting class is the Paladin.

    A class advancement system! Using Yanfly's Class and Subclass systems, players can change the classes of the entire cast to any classes they learn--which are automatically learned upon getting a new party member--and select between two subclasses for each one. Each character's growths differ depending on their own capabilities, but that's part of the fun! (NOTE: I may add the option to use primary classes as subclasses with special combinations, but I'm not quite certain.)
    A crafting system to create items as needed! Using Kread-EX's GO GO TOTORI Alchemy system, players can create items from a basic recipe that have all sorts of special abilities. Swords with the ability to burn, staves that actually let Clerics attack, you name it!
    A quest system full of rewards! NPCs all around the world may need the aid of a cleric on a pilgrimage after all, and they're more than willing to pay. The quest log will also be useful in keeping players on track so they don't forget what they're doing, and it may have some more important uses later on...
    Stealing and snatching! In battle, enemies may have valuable loot ripe for the taking, and it's up to you to take it. You may even find valuable loot that isn't an actual drop!
    Element changing! Using special equips, the player can set the element of any character in their party, to grant an elemental affinity to their attacks, reduce damage from certain elements, and even completely block status ailments.
    MULTIPLE ENDINGS!! This game will have three endings, all of which have been planned out!
    An original language! This is currently the hardest part of the project--I am creating an entire language solely for this project. Its use will be revealed in time.
    More to come!

    WARRIOR: Utilizing shortswords and small shields, the Warrior class is the "Mario" of all classes. Average growth stats down the board, but with steady growths as they progress, a Warrior is neither weak to nor strong against most types of enemies. The Warrior gets access to the Brandier and Runeblade subclasses, the former of which gains the use of longswords and the latter of which gains the use of magic.
    MAGE: Utilizing tomes, the Mage class has very poor physical stats and below-average HP and Speed. However, Mages make up for this with tremendous magical potential and a large pool of MP. Mages use a 5MP spell as a default attack, but also start with access to an MP regeneration spell. The Mage gets access to the Elementalist and Arcanist subclasses, the former of which utilizes magic of the primary elements (Fire, Wind, Water, Storm, Ice, and Earth), while the latter utilizes magic of special elements (Light and Shadow).
    CLERIC: Utilizing staves, the Cleric class cannot attack on its own. With poor defenses and HP, Clerics are not meant for the front lines, but they boast powerful healing magic. Their default "attack" is a weak healing ability, and like Mages they start with an MP regeneration spell. The Cleric gets access to the Martyr and Necromancer subclasses; the Martyr can use HP instead of MP to heal allies, and can restore HP proportional to the HP lost. I do not have a set idea in mind for the Necromancer class; it's still up for debate as to what the second Cleric subclass is going to be.
    ROGUE: Utilizing twin daggers, the Rogue class is the fastest but also the most fragile class. The Rogue's tremendous Speed growth is offset by poor stat growths in all other classes. To make up for this, the Rogue starts with a hiding ability, and also starts out with the ability to steal from targets--and, though very slim, the chance to instantly kill targets with any attack. The Rogue gets access to the Thief and Assassin subclasses, the former of which gains a large boost to their Luck and can access the Snatch ability, the latter of which gets a high critical hit chance and a boosted chance to instantly kill any target.
    ARCHER: Utilizing bows and small shields, the Archer class is a test in managing resources. The default attack for an Archer requires an arrow, and while very cheap to buy in bulk, many special skills will quickly drain the pool of arrows in no time. However, an Archer's accuracy is unparalleled and can be boosted further via subclasses. The Archer gets access to the Sniper and Hunter subclasses, the former of which has even greater accuracy and a high critical chance, the latter of which gains the ability to use shortswords to save on arrows.
    FIGHTER: Utilizing only their fists, the Fighter class is a pure glass cannon, able to deal large amounts of damage quickly but simultaneously unable to take damage in return. With great Strength and HP growth to compensate for their frailty, Fighters are incapable of using magic in any form. The Fighter gets access to the Monk and Brawler subclasses, the former of which relies heavily on counter stances and the latter of which gains even more strength but at the cost of skills requiring HP.
    PALADIN: Utilizing lances and large shields, the Paladin is an absolute tank. Their abysmal Speed is offset by tremendous HP and Defense, and unlike other melee classes, Paladins are capable of using their own magic. They can protect allies from any attacks, and smite foes with pure holy magic. The Paladin currently only has one subclass, the Guardian, in which they further sacrifice their speed and give up a good deal of attack power in exchange for becoming an unstoppable wall. If anyone has suggestions for a second subclass, I'm all ears.

    The game will be utilizing Time Fantasy tilesets and will generally have a retro SNES look to it. I love the aesthetic of older games and thought it would be a cute touch. Because of this the game will be entirely pixeled without any nice fancy smooth colors.
    I am currently looking into the terms of use for all scripts and resources because I do intend to have this game for sale on Itch.io. In the event that I can't use something commercially, I'll try finding an alternative or just forgo it altogether. I need the money, man. Prices are still up for debate in the event that I do make this game cost money.
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    This is my kind of RPG. Pls tell us more about the story. I'm excited about your original language! I'm creating some in my own projects too. :)

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