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Okay this game is in it's early stages and it's going to be a LONG time before it will be done.


What is it in : RPG Maker MV

What Genre : Either Fantasy or Si-Fi but probably Fantasy

Age Restriction : This game will be child friendly but aims towards a more teen friendly game.


The story isn't 100% solid yet but goes along the fallowing lines :
- The game starts off with a run of pictures depicting two close friends (the main character male and female) who live in a small town

- Then these friends go off to the forest bordering the town to just hang out where they meet and Alien-type creature

- This alien is wounded and explains to these friends that something isn't right and he isn't in the right place

                       - Enter the actual game-

- The Alien asks you what your name is and at this point you get to choose your character

- Then the Alien tells you that there are actually 9 World/Planets not 8 -ignore Pluto please-

- He goes on to explain that there is a planet in the center of the sun called the 'Connective world' this world holds the other worlds in there place.

- He also explains that there is life on all the planets... and each planet has it's own Eco-system and race(s)

- Then he says that the 'Connective World' is in the center of the sun and many Aliens are banished there as a universal prison

- But, for some reason the 'Connective World' is falling apart.

- And if the 'Connective World' does fall apart all the best and worst aliens will be thrown into space some dying and others causing havoc.

- But even worse than that all the worlds will collide with each other and be destroyed!

- Then he says he senses a great power radiating from the two characters and that it's possible that they are the only ones who can save the worlds.


                                                                                                                                     - Coming Soon -


- Coming Soon -

    Screen-Shots (Subject / Will change a lot)


So far this is the only one, but this is my 'proto-type map' which I've made using the default graphics.

I will soon be re-doing this with better graphics.

Who Do I Need


- Scripters [0/2]

- Music People [0/1]

- Artist [1/2-4] - Me,

- Eventers [0/2]

- Database Managers [1/2] -Me,

- Story writers [2/2] -Me, and Edward

- Mappers [1/1] -Me

Position Descriptions

- Scripters - People to make those tedious plugins work. If you know or are willing to learn how to make the plugins for RPG maker MV this is the job for you.

- Music People - Do you know how to make beautiful music to set the scene? Great here's the job for you.

- Artist - Are you good at character art? Digital art? Any other type of art that would be helpful? Or maybe just taking my paper pencil 'scribbles' and turning them into game worthy art? Well then this is the job for you.

- Eventers - Hey people who have the patience to actually sit down and add character by character event by event into the game this is the job for you. You'll be taking someones drawings/plans/or instructions and adding them into the game.

- Database Managers - Man, it takes forever to add every item or character into the game and configure it correctly! Don't think so? Then you have more patients than me and a spot on the team.

- Story Writers - Though when it comes to it everyone's idea's are welcome but this is the person whose going to sit with me and write out the dialouge and events and whatever else for the story. [that may or may not then be fed to the eventers for them to make.]

-Mappers - I'll probably do this but either way, this would be that one guy with the patience to make a good looking map with perfectly positioned trees then send it to the artist. THEN add regions and walking space. -fun right!-

Contact and Conversation

Now I'm the first to admit that I rarely check this website, so whether you want to contact me some other way because you responded here like a weak ago and I'm ignoring you or you're part of the team and want to know how we communicate here are your options :

- My email is :  (I may respond from a different email due to the amount of accounts on one computer so my apologies)

- If you're on the team we also communicate through :

  -Slack located at :

  -Asana :  PM me for this one
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