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Apr 19, 2016
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You are the Brotherhood of the Ring: Araborn, Faygolas, Brimi and Grandalf. You finally catch up to Froyo and Budwise to find that tragedy has struck. While they made it all the way into Mount Duum, by freak accident, a random boulder ended up falling and crushing them both. Thankfully, Salmon didn't get a hold of The Ring so now it's up to the four of you to carry it the rest of the way. But you are no Frobbit. To any Human, Dwarf or Elf, The Ring has the power to take over your mind well before you will reach the center of the volcano to destroy it. You will need to share the burden and trade it between the four of you to limit the effects. To make matters worse, the blistering heat of the volcano will wear your Food, Water, Rest and Oxygen down while raising your Body Temperature to dangerous levels. The enemies, while no match for you, will hit you with deadly attacks that further damage not only your Life but the rest of your Health stats as well. Keep a close eye on your vitals and use your items and spells wisely or you won't survive long enough to destroy The One Ring. Good luck!


Sort of the Rings is more than just a One Map Challenge. It's a showcase and demo project for my new plugin: FROG Health. The game itself is about as straight-forward as you can get. Run through the dungeon, fight random encounters and beat the boss. Sounds boring, right? Well, not any longer because now, you have more than just HP and MP to manage. You have to worry about starving, dehydration, heat stroke, exhaustion, suffocation and having your mind overtaken by the Dark Lord himself. Imagine making a fully-fledged game where health is more than just an orange bar and many locations in your world are home to the most inhospitable of environments. Volcanoes, frozen tundras, ocean depths, outer space? Only the most prepared and equipped adventurers should be able to survive such harsh terrain and now you have an easy way to implement all of this with one awesome plugin!


One Map Challenge stats:
  • Maps: 1
  • Events: 7
  • Switches: 4
  • Variables: 0
As a side note, I totally didn't optimize this. Three of my events are treasure chests and one of my switches is for debugging. I could have probably made this with one map and one event if I wanted. My Health plugin does all of the heavy lifting here. Check it out. I hope you like it. Let me know what you think. Because this is a demo for my plugin, it's a source project as opposed to a deployed exe.

Click the green button and then Download Zip.

Happy game-making!


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