Sorting items based on latest item recieved?

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    Hello, It's me again.

    So I'm looking for a way to sort the equipment in a way that will display the newest item gained at the top of the list (I guess a script is needed for this).

    The problem I have, is that I use a category script where Items are placed in different categories (Weapons, key-items, Armors, etc, etc.)

    The thing is that the items are not sorting properly and makes it hard for the player to see which item he recently picked up inside each catergory. Most games uses a 'new' label on the recent items that were picked up, but I have no idea if it would be possible to implement something like that.

    It's kind of a big issue since the player will be really confused as to which item he recently picked up, and which items that are new in the lists (And my game requires the player to read the inscription on some items to get a hint on how to use it). I thought about adding a seperate window when an item is being picked up displaying the name of the item and an icon that indicates the category in which the item will be placed, so the player knows where to look.

    So my question would be if there's a way to sort the items so that the newest item gained will be displayed on the top of the list (Even in seperate categories). Kind of like a sort list that will display newest - oldest item from top to the bottom.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


    Edit: Nevermind. I came across a script from Galv that will label the items with a 'new' label when they are picked up. Works very well with what I wanted! Thread can be locked, and I'm sorry for the sort of waste post :/
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