Soul Effect recruiting 2 Talents! (3 technically)


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May 25, 2015
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I don't even remember if i did something like this before on this forum... but my topic list says nope, so... i'm gonna go ahead and try my best to give you guys a bit of insight to my game and then start talking about recruitment... ing... something. I dunno!

So as some of you may know, (Though that's unlikely, since so less people know me(why did i even start this sentence like this in the first place(I'm a dork, lol))) i've been developing a game that has started somewhere around 2008-2009 that's called "Soul Effect". 

Now i've currently developed the Tod Series as a sort of break from this Project and now i'm ready to go back at it!

Some people have already experienced this game. But that experience might as well not even count, since i'm gonna sort of re-tell the story.

Here is part of the Story, if you want to view it:

The year is 28XX. A virus inhibits the Planet and turns Animals, Insects and even Plants into violent Monsters. 

The whole Planet is in a sort of stop from evolving further technology and instead focuses more on the elimination of Monsters.

With that said... humanity is still sort of stuck in the modern times, and cannot evolve any further.

With the help of the A.M.C.(Anti Monster Company for short) the thread slowly began to fade. But as the years go by, the Monsters grow bigger in size and they became even more.

The A.M.C. developed a sort of connection to the soul of the human. They use these Souls to create things that are not from this world, but rather from the human dream. 

With this power, they learned to eventually sort of use magic... but to not sound ridiculous, we just call it "Soul Effect".

This game tells the story of 3 young Adults who just joined the A.M.C.

Now for the People i need:

An Artist: I pretty much want some In-Game Images, Title screen and maybe some visual inspiration. I take suggestions on how characters should look like, but also i will have my own visuals to show you. 

I'm a Pixel Artist myself and i know how some of the visuals work and how harmonized it should get and etc.

So don't worry, you won't work alone. :-D

A Musician: Now... this one is VERY important! I doubt there are many Rock and Roll Musicians out there, but i dunno how Music exactly works... sooo i could be wrong! 

However, i know EXACTLY how music should sound like! I can help you make it sound really good! I could suggest some Instruments added, etc. I just don't know anything about making music. 

A Writer: I like to have one, but it's not really necessary... however, i don't want my game to have lots of Grammar mistakes and Typos, etc. since i'm german and can't quite figure out the english language. So i would REALLY like to have one! Don't worry, i got you covered though! I will tell you what to write and you make it look and sound good! 

It won't also be for nothing! I will give for each Music/Artpiece at least two bucks and at most five bucks... yeah, i may sound like a total greedhead, but i don't have a lot of Money at the moment, so unfortunately i can give this much.

I would LIKE to have this game come out as a free Game, but if people suggest it should go commercial, i may consider it. 

Thank you guys for at least reading this! Hope to have a nice team at some point! :-D
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